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I don’t know what to say.
This is stunning.
I like convertible and this is as close to perfect as I can see it.
Very modern looking with a strange retro feel to it.

But, based on the $90 000 S class, this, if produced, would be well over $100 000…

Maybe the next generation Chrysler 300 Convertible might not be so bad…..

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  1. I don’t believe this car will be produced.

    1) Soft Top
    2) Structurally almost impossible. (The structure would not be rigid enough due to the additionnal 2 doors.) The first lincoln continental needed suicide doors at the back because regular doors could not be fixed on an absent B-pillar.

  2. Not really, with carbon fibre, you can maintain strength without adding too much weight. Insert an in car beam between 4 seats and raise that under door seal by few inches, structurally it can’t be too bad. The concern is how to make the second door remain strong and close after years of element and owners’ force. If they can make CL without B pillar, i won’t doubt that Mercedes can make a 4 door convertible.

  3. Never under estimate the Germans.

    When Mitsu came out with the world’s first hard top convertable, every one like yourself say it wouldn’t work properly, and now every one is doing it.

  4. Vince said, “Very modern looking with a strange retro feel to it…” ___Does anyone else get just a bit of Chrysler-influence in this design??? It is STILL attractive but I almost looked for grooves in the hood :EEK:

  5. Not impressed. Mercedes has lost its way stylistically. And I think it all started with the creation of Maybach and the subsequent (and unfortunate) trickle-down effect of the styling.

  6. “Structurally almost impossible. (The structure would not be rigid enough due to the additionnal 2 doors.)”

    Yup, what he said. What the heck would support the back doors? As shown , there’d be a 2 ft pillar sticking up from the floor pan and supported by nothing else. First time you opened the door you’d bend the frame or break that pillar off.

    Silly drawing, nothing else.

  7. the jutting, boxy grille reminds me of the “classic” benzes (the ones the ovoid headlighted 1996 E-Class). i think those benzes looked solid, durable and sophisticated. the new ones look flimsy and not as expensive…

  8. The “silly drawing” is going to be shown in Detroit in two weeks. I’ll bet you a strudel that it doesn’t break when the rear doors are opened.

  9. first of all, this isn’t structurally impossible, there can be hidden B pillars with the added strength, as mkk said, with carbon firbre. today’s technology has surprised many of us and shown that the impossible can be done. mercedes is one of the most technologically advanced companies. Technology aside, this is simply the most beautiful mercedes since the SLR, this is what the S class should’ve looked like, elegant, sensuous, smooth on every angle. the current one is simply bulky and overweight looking

  10. Reminds me of the 90-95 e-class coupes. I still find them striking today. MB should definitely go back to the more upright/squarer grill even on the coupes. It makes the cars look so much more upscale.

  11. this thing is so slick, it doesn’t require MB brand to be classified as modern, elegant, sexy, luxo-coupe cruiser.

    Soft-top is not realistic, considering this is a $100K+ car.

    I’d buy it still, if it ever goes to production and I happen to found $2M on my couch LOL

    The MB that really stuck on my mind was the red SL roadster Mr Bobby Ewing used to drive… that was a beautiful car, unlike anything then

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