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  1. I wonder if that window right near the side mirror pops out or is it fixed? Anyway, I would LOVE it if it came here.
    Vince, more pics please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A video would also be cool.

  2. Hey Vince, call it what you want but this thing would outsell the Element, the CR-V and the Pilot combined! Dealers would have a 6 month waiting list for the first few years of production! This would even be more revered than the Acura Integra! Hey Honda, ‘WAKE UP’! Get this to our shores PRONTO!

  3. Vince, why do you call this a shmuck?
    11:49 writer, I agree with you.
    It will be one of Honda’s best selling products ever.

  4. I don’t really call it Schmuck.
    Somebody was wondering if Crossroad was the real name…
    (It seemed weird…)

    I kind of like the design but I think the interior looks to be one of these cheaper plasticky Honda interiors. Like the Element.
    The CRV is much, much better inside.
    This needs to be really cheap to sell.
    I like the HHR better anyway….

  5. I thought CROSSROADS might have been the name for the new truck since you were not sure of the title of the car as stated earlier. And no, I am not weird or a Shmuck.

  6. I think that the EX or more expensive version of this SUV should have the seats from the Civic JDM models.
    Just go to and you’ll see what I am talking about. They would look really nice in this car.

  7. 11:55… keep your deviant thoughts to yourself.
    It is a freaking car, not some sort of freudian spectacle
    that people look too deeply into everything nowadays.
    Tale it for what it is worth.

  8. This is a nice car and now Vince posted the Nissan Roque. I both think are nice, but not sure which one is better? I will see which one is not made in Japan to determine my answer.
    I know Honda love to see things here not made in Japan. Soon we will be getting Ohio made CR-Vs
    once they stop shipping them in from Japan.
    “There goes the planet”- Planet of the Apes/Space Balls.

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