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  1. Honestly who cares? another ford concept car a few ford fans will go gaga over only to find out 6 months later that they have no intention to put it in production unless its a cross over. I mean chrysler put out the RWD cars 3 years ago. Ford is still making concept cars. Too little too late. The game has moved on. By the time they actually have a RWD sedan on the road that doesn’t trace its roots to the panther platform, the market will have moved on to something completely different. How about a new Ranger or Econoline. Where is the Crown Vic replacement? Why no IRS in the Mustang? Where is the C1 focus and Mondeo? Or maybe new technology like a diesel electric hybrid? Is anyone awake at the switch?

  2. Overall beautiful. The front is a bit too extreme (JUST a BIT)… but it’ll look absolutely GREAT with a more demure ‘waterfall’ grille 😀

  3. I hate concepts, since nobody really follows through with them, and doubt they will actually build this…looking like this. Just make the production model already and save $.

  4. Happy New year Vince!!!
    From the guy who made fun of your picture.
    Please post a real photo or more update one.
    -Heiko (Berlin).

  5. Hey Vince!

    I’ve been following your very enjoyable blog for 3 1/2 years and love all the information and fun perspectives you give us.

    Ford should build this amazing looking Interceptor sedan as a true world car
    (Europe, Australia, China), with minimal changes for different markets.
    Worldwide production would give high international visibility to this cool American style ride, reap maximum profits and make the design pay for itself more quickly.

    Interceptor suggests Ford could go platform happy with the Mustang just like Chrysler did 25 years ago with the K-cars!
    Shared platforms, contemporary styling and serious cost cutting saved Chrysler’s ass back then.

    Passenger Car Plan

    KEEP Mustang, Volvo S80, and a combined Mazda 3/5, make sure the 3 platforms can be built anywhere worldwide
    GET RID OF almost everything else.

    1. Use Mustang platform for every domestic and foreign car Ford can (rwd sporty coupes, suv/ute, rwd vans and sporty/ luxury performance sedans)

    2.Then put the S80 and Mazda 3/5 under EVERYTHING else (fwd/awd mid/minivans, crossovers, family and luxury sedans)

    3. For niche cars and special markets-

    Mazda builds rwd Miata and a fwd liter-class micro car platform.

    Aston Martin would engineer one platform, and share it only with Jaguar.

    Think of it- only 6 platforms for the entire world market- talk about efficiency! 🙂

  6. this is for all the idiots who were slaming ford
    this is better looking than any foreign crap i’ve ever seen’
    ford is on top and you know it
    why would anyone buy the avalon or maxima crap when you can get this

  7. The front of the car looks like it belongs on the front of a future super duty truck. I never did like the chrome bars on the front of the new Ford vehicles. It’s got potential, but overall I don’t like it. To be honest the only thing I like about it is the name. But that’s just me.

  8. This design would make a much welcomed update to the current Crown Victoria plarform! Perhaps we are looking at the replace for all those dilapidated police cruisers across the entire nation!

  9. Okay, it’s a concept. But what’s with the low, low roofline and tiny slits for side windows? The glasshouse is way out of proportion to the burly body. Almost as nasty as the Volvo 262C.

    Otherwise…the rear treatment looks great. The front is a bit square and unsubtle though (looks like that Ford truck concept from a few months back).

  10. NY3UVL714:

    Your idea is good in general but I would also include the mazda 6 platform.

    Also , Mustang ???? Is it THAT good? I tried a convertible one and I was not delightfully impressed.

    RWD MAY be a trend. AWD is the real future in the end. By the time GM and Ford introduce RWD platforms, engine powers will have to be reduced so significantly (to save gas) that it won’t be impressive anymore.

    This interceptor concept is good looking but WAY too long and heavy for my taste. I don’t want to drive a boat.

  11. G6GT, tho I too was hoping for something more Falcon-sized, the Interceptor is officially 1 foot shorter than a boat (CV et al)… does that make it a dingy?

  12. HOT CAR! But will Ford actually build it? The 427 concept was hot too… and all we got from that was the Fusion.

  13. What’s the point on even commenting on this thing? It would be nice if Ford actually followed-through with some of their concepts. In three years, Ford will give us another fwd CD3 platform car with tail-lamps derived from this concept… and that’ll be it. Based on what we know about Ford, the venerable Crown Vic will continue to have an 80s vintage interior, the Towncar will remain a gaudy livery car, Europe will have modern Ford vehicles, the US will continue to get rehashed antiques, and none of the substantial elements from this concept will ever be produced.

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