More Volvo XC 60 concept photos.

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The LR2 starts at around $34 000. This has to be lower.
Around $30 000?

Even if the interior iseems a bit wild for production, it really makes the BMW X3 look ancient…

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  1. You can bet the wierdness will be toned down. I almost really like this a lot. It would be great if they could incorporate some of the interior elements into production. I’d love to see a totally unique interior creative direction like this actually sold. However, that smooth center tack will never fly.

  2. The back end is amazing, very original, but the front end is too bland. Interior will obviously not make it to production. And don’t even bother comparing to the X3, it was outdated before it even came out.

  3. i was going to say the same, i dont think the point of bmw’s cars is to make interiors that look futuristic and very modern noned of them do, and really ever have. i seriously doubt that a car that has an interior that is this concept like, extremely far from production should even be compared to any “production car” of course it looks more modern its a concept lol, comeon….but this is a good looking suv hopefully volvo will use this more upscale classy design them with their cars

  4. “I think volvo is part of ford, I hate it.”

    Yes Volvo is part of the ford group, but you must not hate a car because of its relation with another car company. I’m not a big ford fan, particularly ford NA, but they do make some worthy cars, espcially in europe and australia. This concept does signal the upcoming XC60 production car. It is the most beautiful and most striking volvo yet. it has an element of sexyness, something volvos lack. Hopefully it will signal future volvo design. I’m glad to see volvo progressing into a new design era.

  5. I don’t find the interior (well, the console/dash) that different from the S40-C30-S80. Do hope the exterior is slightly toned-down/smoothed-out… tho it might just be the lighting in the pix – looks like ther’s one extra ripple in the rear shoulder line.

  6. To whoever hates Ford… look at Ford Europe. They’ve always been awesome.

    Speaking of which, this looks an awful lot like the Ford Galaxy or S-Max. Is it?

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