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Again, although Ford is rumored to work on a wagon for the next generation Mustang.
This is not it.
Actually, I’m not sure what this is.
It looks like a customized wagon based off the current model.
I like it. (but I’m also a sucker for big glass roofs)

Anyone knows more about this??? Lkie, where can we get one, and how much is it???
It doesn’t look like an illustration to me…

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  1. Hope you post this first, Vince – That ‘story’ is total BS. Can’t say how I know, but expect behind the scene legal manoeuvres to rectify it.

  2. Its a Photoshop, originally done 2+ years ago when the new Mustang popped up.

    We need more station wagons and sedans, less SUV, CUV, trucks, and weirdo crossover lifestyle vehicles.

  3. Yeah! That’s an intresting design. This is a photochop or photoshop, I’m not so much on computer Lingo. I really do like the design. I now remember, I’ve seen it on CWW site.

    I think I know what your are eluding to in the your story. In my opinion if FORD does do this it will ruin the Mustang brand. I mean a Sedan Mustang, that like the Late 60’s Thunderbird. That’s not a way Forward.

  4. Vince, it doesn’t look like an illustration because it isn’t one. The pic you have posted is a spin off of a “Saleen”. Notice the wheels, front fascia etc. I think it was published in one of the many auto magazines a while back.

  5. Raymo853 said…
    So pretty, I love it but would never buy a two door car again.

    1:36 PM
    Why not?
    We have a Scion tc, 3 door. we can actually fit 5 people in it, and the rear seat occupants have no real complaints about ingress/egress. 4 doors= trunk for groceries, and not much else(or a fishing pole, if you fold the seats down,lol).
    5 doors are ok, if you enjoy station wagons.
    3 doors= sporty looks, and as useful as a wagon, w/o looking like a mom and pop wagon.

  6. PS: this looks ok, but kind of silly with Mustang front end( I know, photoshop).
    Maybe a real 3 door car, that looked this good? A Mondeo 3- door, build one perhaps(vs 5 door)?

  7. I love 2 door cars.
    I think the design just looks cleaner. You don’t have to “squezze” that many lines and openings in the profile.
    To me, a 4 door is only if you need it.
    otherwise, 2 doors are great…
    But that’s just me………

  8. Vince Burlapp said…
    I love 2 door cars.
    I think the design just looks cleaner. You don’t have to “squezze” that many lines and openings in the profile.
    To me, a 4 door is only if you need it.
    otherwise, 2 doors are great…
    But that’s just me………

    6:20 PM

    yep. That about sums it up for me,(us, at my household) too! I grew up(sort of, lol) in th elate 70’s, and No One drove large trucks, sedans, wagons…they drove(16-21 year olds, some even older)….
    Sports or Sporty cars( meaning RWD or FWD, like Celica).
    No kid, or young adult “craved” anything else.
    If they were driving a van, or station wagon, or truck, it was because they had no vehicle of their own, and were driving mom and da’s family(or work) vehicle.

    2 doors(or hatch) look good, as Vince stated.

  9. leave 2 door wagon muscle cars to the customizers, they have an excuse to creat such wild and unorthodox rides, some of which are very cool but not for mass production

  10. Why no 2 door cars for me ask asked above? I am 100% a wagon/5 door person. I should have said I will never buy a 2, 3 or 4 door car again. It is simply too much of a pain in the but to carry objects in a 2 or 4 door and getting people in and out of 2 or 3 door car is just annoying and in accidents completely unsafe.

    I also will never by a low roof car again, like the Mustang is. The Mazda 5/Focus C Max type design is for me. Maybe at the outside something like the Forester.

  11. >..late 70’s, and No One drove large >trucks, sedans, wagons…they >drove(16-21 year olds, some even >older)…. Sports or Sporty cars

    Thank God those days are over and never coming back. Long live teenagers in Scion XBs and Elements.

  12. Hmmmm. The youngest people I have seen driving elements or xb’s are maybe 50-60 year olds in range.
    tC is different, for scion. I have seen people from 20’s to 40’s driving them.
    Anyone have some Solid facts/figures for what avg age demographics are for the Honda and Scions? I looked up stuff, and get a variety of answers, and it appears 40 is the avg age of xB buyers on one link, and 38-42 on another. tC sells well to 20-somethings.This helps the over all demographics(lowers the avg age of buyers for Scion).
    And since tC outsells the xB and xA(those 2 combined barely outsell the tC)…that= lower age, over all, for buyers.
    Element same thing, 40. I don’t know.
    I personally know a 60 year old man who wanted an Element, but he’s the only person I know who wanted one. have seen one in town, but it is owned by a 30-something woman(it appears).

    I do notsee 20-30 year old men or women driving these things.
    I see more kids driving Hyundai’s, and Suzuki’s than I do Scions( have seen 5 scions in a county of 350,000 people. we own the tC, and we are in our 40’s. I also know I was getting an oil change for the tC, when a gal of 18 or so was driving a Corolla… and I tried to tlak her into trying the tC, as my spouse is the main driver…she had NO interest in it, which shocked me, as i thought “kids” liked Scion over Toyota!)

    xB sells what, 50-60K per year, and same for Element?

    Anyhow, the car in this picture is a great idea, but i prefer FWD, and maybe another automaker to build something akin to this.
    take care and not offense.

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