New Fiat Bravo in the wild.

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I think this is the best looking car in its class.
I mean, everything else (Golf/Rabbit, Astra etc…) seems crude next to it.

But hey.. That’s just me…

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  1. I truly like this car and am sad we dont get it in the states, the lines on it are very sexy and looks alot better than a yaris or auris, this car is gonna sell like hotcakes and will help rebound fiats sales in all of europe…. so listen up domestic 2.5 one car can really make alot of money for your company if its priced right and is sexy , something i hope to see one day in the states, a decent priced and sexy economy car.
    Bad design and sexy design cost the same !

  2. Well hey, I’ll tell you something there Vince…That’s just me too. I think this thing looks great. It’s to bad it’s not sold here in the states. I think they would sell a bunch of them. Good job Fiat.

  3. As Vince said during Thanksgiving”The Great Vince Burlapp Never takes a Holiday Off!”(something like this)…3 cheers for the shop keep!

    Anyhow… doesn’t Fiat “own” a brand that is supposed to come back to USA soon, in the next 2-3 years?
    Why can’t they build a version?

  4. To tell you the truth (although people will probably kill me in the night for it), I like the Yaris better. This Fiat comes second for sure, though!

    Merry Christmas and Channukah and Kwaanza and New Year’s Day and whatever else!

  5. Beautiful lines… and four doors for those of us with kids to haul. Like it even better than the C30 Volvo. I wonder how many more years of SUV/Crossover guzzlers we will have to live with before Detroit starts building interesting small cars.

  6. Nice little car, much better than minivan like Fit and ball like yaris, but why it has
    “GT3” on the dash? That is worse than putting a SS badge on a malibu wagon.

  7. Looks very nice, fiat is on a roll. One thing tho, give it some cup holders. I dont see any in any of the pics of this car that have come out.

  8. the exterior of this car is very attractive and i think is the closest thing to what a designer first sketches on a drawing board. although the italians always have styled nice cars on the outside, i still think they need work on the inside.

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