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Finally a new HRV.
We never got the old one in the US, but in Europe and Japan, the HRV was quite popular thanks to its small size.
the new one doesn’t look so much like an SUV anymore. It reminds me more of a Chevy HHR.
Lower and square.
I don’t think we’ll ever get this over here, where it would compete with the Element.

Unless they decide to replace the Element with this one in a couple of years…

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  1. Vince, since the current Element is now in it’s 5th year, logic would suggest that the 2008 replacement is already in the works. The Element has slowed to a crawl in sales as of late. Honda would be wise to replace the platform not only with a redesign but also with a completely new name. Four ‘REAL’ doors would be a sight for sore eyes compared to the suicide doors on the current BOX.By the looks of this picture this would be a strong contender as the replacement!

  2. I really like the looks of this! It reminds me of a Hummer H3, only less funky looking, which is a good thing! The Element also had the reputation of being a baby Hummer, so why doesn’t Honda wake up and smell the coffee and release this badly needed model in their American lineup? It would sell just as fast as the Fit due to it’s small size and economical nature! If Honda passes this one up for our shores, they will truely have lost touch with the needs and desires of the American people!

  3. Any photos of the inside?
    This will be an awesome vehicle if it came to the US.
    But It looks more like the next Cube/X-trail to me
    then a Pilot?
    Vince, how do you know this is a Honda?

  4. Wow, I don’t get it, honda design the ugliest vehicles on the planet, worse than toyota, and people buy them.

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