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Seems that Jaguar will preview the S Type replacement in Detroit with one of these slight disguised concept.

Looks like the door handle is hidden on the rear doors, at least on the concept.
A true 4 door coupe???

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  1. I believe 3/1/2007 is the European/British way of depicting 1/3/2007. If I’m not mistaken, they go day/month/year rather than month/day/year.

  2. Call me old school, but i always like Jaguar for its wood and leather. This looks like a winner at hand. Lets hope that they can drop that “dead fish mouth” grill from current S-Type.

  3. “Vince Burlapp………
    Well its going to totally suck because it is part of Ford.”

    I guess you’ve never read the site before.
    I like Jaguar very much.
    I was one of the few who gave the X Type a good review about 4 years ago.
    And I do like the current S type.
    Leave the prejudices at home and read….
    Not between the lines…

  4. I guess nobody here’s Canadian. They use the European sysem too (ie. Canadians would call it the Canadian system).

  5. nope, you’re all wrong. the only logical way is with the biggest number first, smallest number last: 2006,01,03 ummm just like a speedometer 😀

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