New Mitsubishi Lancer interior

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Not as modern looking as the Civic, but for most people, it might not be a bad thing.

The dash does look a bit like the Outlander. And Navigation as an option.
I guess the pricing will be key.
This market is more and more competitive…

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  1. Does this car also have available AWD?
    Has anybody seen any Outlanders on the road?
    I have not seen any, but I hope eventually it will take off like the Suzuki Grand Vitara.

  2. It’s kind of like Chryslers PatriotCaliberCompass all sharing the exact same interiors, only this one looks good.

  3. OK. Opinions. It’s not as good as the tC(the black/grey interior treatment). I usually like balck/grey seats/interior( good for hiding dirt, lol), but this has some “shiny”(vinyl like tuff on the dash, in areas around the radio, or beneath it) bits(too shiny).
    The 2-tone interior looks good.
    Maybe better excuted than the Elantra( this reminds me of the Elantra, in many ways).

    The exterior is not A+ great, but passable(side profile).
    Front looks ok, as did the back, exterior(last time you posted stuff, Vince).

    Not bad. Probably going to be worth a look. I did see a newer Lancer at the Mall, and man, it looks like something from late 80’s, early 90’s!
    This is like a cut above in comparsion(maybe 2 cuts above!).
    It was as if Mitsu stopped trying on the current/last gen design!

  4. The climate controls on the beige interior look almost as if they were “tacked on” at the last minute in the design. The steering wheel is also a little asymetrical with controls only on the left side.

  5. Vince, hope I did not offend ya, or break some “rules”…(a few of my posts ain’t made it up, which is rare, or it’s my ‘puter)….
    Anyhow, I kind of agree, the raido looks odd(built into the dash/covered over, minus holes for dials and CD).
    As for the steering wheel buttons on one side…I thought that too, looked weird, But, I could deal with it, as my 2004 Hyundai Sonata has cruise controls on one side of the wheel, but nothing on the left.
    Nothing major to worry about, though.
    Guess we’ll know more in a few week, Detroit autoshow?

    Personally, overall, I like it.
    Not the best interior design on Earth, but there are definitely “worse”—worst-best being a personal opinion/choice/taste.

  6. No one has mentioned what the car’s side profile REALLY looks like…

    Look at a previous generation Mitsu Galant. (not the current rounded goofy one, but the previous)

    Glad to see family ties in designs coming from Mitsu.

    I had a Dodge Avenger–which was basically a Galant/Eclipse and aside from the Dodge sourced tranny…(the only domestic part in it) the car was FLAWLESS up to 190,000 when I sold it.

    Never had a car run as perfect as that one. The Mitsu 2.5 V6 was bulletproof.

    Hope these new Lancer’s sell well. I really like Mitsu.

  7. I just noticed something, that weird “Dual Cowl” or whatever they call it, above the speedo/tacho, the split dash deal does Not look apppealing to me!
    I have 2-3 years left before I buy…maybe they will do like Hyundai/Kia, etc, and do a tweaking of the design by year 3 (of the 5 year cycle?).
    It looks as if it could take awhile to get accustomed to seeing that.
    What do you think Vince, am I just being Too nit-picky here?

  8. i think that the front of the car looks a little nose-heavy ,but i like the design overall. and the interior is a bit average, but id have to save frther judgements until i see it. i like mitsubishi as well, i hope this helps save them.

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