New option on the New Beetle

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Forget the “iPos plug”.

This one holds your whole computer.
So you can not only listen to your iTune library,
but also watch your favorite videos (Like all the Burlapp stuff on Youtube), catch up on your Email,
or even read the latest car news on the Hollywood Extra while you drive.

Dreams do come true.

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  1. 1 – you sure it’s not a misic stand, so one can fiddle while… 2 – somehow it like like it’s for steam powered accessories… 3 – did the Mythbusters have anything to do with this? 😀

  2. It’s a JOKE..a JOKE, mean’t as a visual sarcasim on the whole idea of being able to safely drive and do all the other stuff — read, write ,talk on cell phones, watch videos, fiddle with your iPod — that should be prohibited. Me? I hate iPods and all that other junk that causes other drivers to threaten my safety. Driving has turned into a hassle instead of a pleasure because of all this junk.

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