New Pontiac in Detroit?

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GM might unveil in Detroit a new Pontiac sedan based on the Australian Commodore.

Not that much of a big secret really…
The car would replace the Grand prix next year.
With RWD, V6 And V8 engines.

Will they call it G7, G8???

No matter what, this is good news for Pontiac. Which will offer only RWD cars in just a few years.
No more “sporty Chevys”….

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  1. I hope to God they do end up showing a “G8” at Detroit to get the faithful ranting for a product like that. The Commodore SS-V is a great car and is offered in 6speed stick and 6speed autoboxes. Would make a fine adition to the lineup.

    I honestly hope that GM does decide to make Pontiac an all sporty-car division. We heard it was going to happen, then we heard it wasn’t and now it’s up in the air. But could you imagine a RWD G4 (as a G5 replacement), G6 (the next version is supposed to be based on a possible RWD platform shared with the Torana TT36 sport-car concept), a RWD G8 sedan, a GTO coupe — and then a Solstice roadster and coupe carrying the Poncho brand forward? They’d have less models overall, yeah, but look how focused they’d be as a brand? Look how good and clear cut their message would be to the masses? It would say, “Look, we’re different, we build cars you’d love to drive and we don’t do rebadges of everything they do at Chevy”.

    I pray it happens.

  2. I’m all in favor of Pontiac being the BMW-fighter division of GM. That’s what it’s supposed to be. However, I do hope that the General dramatically updates the looks of this. It’s style is very 90s looking.

  3. Pontiac a BMW fighter ???? That’s one of the funniest lines I’ve heard this year !!! Pontiac is 20 years behind everyone else, how the hell are they going to compete with BMW ??? What’s next Cadillac is a Rolls Royce fighter or Saturn is a Porsche fighter ??? The only companies GM should be thinking about are the Korean and Chinese companies, the Korean companies are already years ahead of Pontiac and the Chinese will soon be too !!!

  4. Sooo… Saturn is going Opel and Pontiac is going Holden. I will buy a RWD Pontiac if the price is right and the quality is there.

  5. boring

    which is not a bad thing, when it comes to cars…

    exciting cars like pontiac aztec don’t really look that good on the streets LOL

    maybe people will start saying pontiac cars are boring, like japanese cars – no souls, etc

  6. i seriously doubt that means no more sport chevys, but if pontiac is the performance division it needs product that reflects that period…i say good idea, at least gm is recognizing that it has good product elsewhere and bringing it over maybe ford will do the same. i think the gto’s problem was for one that platform came out in like 1993 and 1997 for us in the form of the catera, so the car had dated styling and mechanicals before it was even released especially since it looked exactly like a 2 door catera, but it did ride nice, and the interior was decent, im sure it would have done better if they would have waited till this generation..

  7. If they don’t give it mostly new/different sheetmetal, they should just call it the ‘Pholden’ or ‘Pontiacommodore’ or ‘Transplant’ or sumthin…

  8. Hey Vince and 4:03,
    The Catera was an old Holden? Is that right? The Catera seems to me to be a bit smaller than the GTO although I can see similarities in some of the styling. Maybe they left the Catera in the dryer on high a little longer than the GTO. I myself like the new Commodore/Grand Prix/G8/G7/whatever the heck their gonna call it. I would buy one if it is’nt too expensive and doesn’t get worse than 15-16 mpg city. I hope they use cylinder deactivation.

  9. The Catera was an Opel Omega.
    With a new grille.

    The previous Holden sedan model was also based on the Opel Omaga.
    But with its own interior because it was made in Australia and they kept it up to date every few years.

    The Catera was buit in Germany with the Opel version.

    Opel doesn’t have a large car anymore, so the new Holden is an original model.

    The new Holden platform will be the base for the next Camaro and GTO.
    And the Holden sedan will be just slightly modified and sold as a Pontiac sedan in the US.

    At least that’s what I know…

  10. never!!
    thisc cannot be.
    pontiac should stay american.
    i will start a letter campaign to gm and change their minds about this.
    someone is smoking crack over there if they let this happen.

  11. if you yanks start to get all patriotic cos a Holden is being badged Pontiac, umm… good luck to you, but i think this is Pontiacs last hope. If this doesn’t work, pontiac won’t be american anymore… it wont be anything!! it will be dead… and u’ll all be driving good ol’ american Toyotas…

  12. “Pontiac a BMW fighter ???? That’s one of the funniest lines I’ve heard this year !!! Pontiac is 20 years behind everyone else, how the hell are they going to compete with BMW ??? “

    What’s with all the !!!??? Jeez man, decaf. Does Infiniti offer a real BMW fighter? No. Lexus? No. Does that mean they shouldn’t attempt to build a viable 3-series competitor? Of course not. Pontiac is supposed to be the sporty division of GM. With all of their cars being FWD, they are currently no sportier than the Chevys from which they are derived. Pontiac really needs to sell cars with proper RWD architecture to at least be a player. Just because Pontiac is 20 years (at least) behind the competition doesn’t mean that it needs to take 20 years to catch up. It just takes one person with the right vision.

  13. No the Catera was NOT an old Holden. It was a variant of the smaller Opel Omega, and not a very impressive variant at that. This Commodore is not based on any Opel or anything else in the GM spectrum. It is all Holden’s own work.

  14. To Anon 8:11,
    the Catera was a Holden…and an Opel. The Opels of the 90’s were the same body as the Holdens of the 90’s. GM simply took a Opel/Holden and rebadged it. It did the same with the GTO, hence why it did not sell.

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