New Rolls Royce convertible

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I guess they would call it the Corniche but I’m not sure.
It seems to be the ultimate convertible.
Exactly what a Rolls should be. Amazing.

The sedan is about $330 000, so I guess this one would be at least $360 000.
But it you have to ask…

It is safe to say that most of us will never even see one.

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  1. fugly, IMO

    but then again, i’m sure a lot of people would say “uh, ah, so pretty, so good”… whatever!

    just because you eat from a gold plate, doesn’t mean the food is good

  2. I’ll see one….I already see a dozen or so Continental GT’s daily, and I’ve seen an Mclaren f1 and 2 enxo’s in my neighborhood….so I’m sure I’ll see a bunch of em’

    it pays to live in LA….where you can often see the pretentious wealthy, entertainment folk drive in their ridiculously expensive cars in their vain attempts to show off…

  3. This design doesn’t really do it for me, nothing special, espeically considering the outrageous price tag.

    I guess at that price it doesnt really matter what the car looks like. For the people buying it, its all about the stupid fact that they paid all that money for it.

  4. It’s a car so expensive, it has to be beautiful! lol!

    Honestly this car is all-presence, no class. At least Bentley continental is big and nice to look at. This thing is just big and vulgar.

  5. I’m probably gonna be lynched by some BMW corporate employees, but I think the front end looks like something styled by those chinese knock-off car companies of late.

    Doesn’t do it for me either.

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