New Skoda Fabia

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There’s a good looking small car.
Skoda is own by VW and the new Fabia competes with the likes of the Opel Corsa and Ford Fiesta.

A good idea would be to bring this over to compete with Scion.
Why not?

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  1. Since you asked, Skoda is not known as a respected brand. I have driven in a newer one, and its exactly the same as a VW, except parts are probably more expensive since they sell at a lower volume, and yes you will need to buy extra parts. VW should concentrate on fixing its own brand before bringing more brands in and adding to the disgraceful mess it is.

  2. I guess this is the little brother to the Roomster ? and i like this alot, would sell well here but VW dont care about the american market anymore hence there 1 billion in loses last year in america ! it kinda reminds me of a 5 door Suzuki swift in profile.

  3. what the hell is a skoda?
    is that thing for real/
    i don’t think so.
    you can go to my site and see rela cars

  4. Actually, Skoda is known as understated value. UK CAR magazine describes the outgoing Fabia as “A real quality item”.

    I went in a number of Skodas in Spain where they’re used commonly used as taxis. They’re basically badge-engineered VW products, but at lower prices – what’s wrong with that, especially since VW in Europe seems to be higher quality than what we get here?

  5. “Skoda” sounds horrible. I’ve never liked the sound of this brand name. The car itself is a bit boring to be a viable competitor to Scion.

  6. That interior looks like it came straight out of a Volkswagen. I thought cloning was an American thing.

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