New Small Subaru for 2009

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Subaru has been offering the small R2 compact in Japan since 2005.
They might actually be considering selling the next version of that car in the US.
It will be smaller and cheaper than the (very slow selling) Impreza.

This illustration shows a pretty conservative design for Subaru. The current R2 (and R1 “coupe”) is actually more modern and original than this.

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  1. Vince:
    I looked up this R1 and R2 that you mentioned: Kei cars( talk about Small!)…. less than 1.0 liters?
    Why would they attempt to sell this in the USA?
    It’s too small.
    Maybe if it were 1990 again, and the largest SUV on the road was the Isuzu Trooper II ,or whatever.
    Back then, a Yaris sedan sized vehicle (of today) back then, was called a Compact(now , for some reason, they are re-labeled a Sub-Compact).
    Now the Ford Expedition is called a “mid-sized” truck, LOL.
    What size is the Impreza? isn;’t it the size of the Sentras, Elantras, etc? Then why not just build a “sub-compact”, yaris-sedan sized, or even Kia Rio sized(abotu 165 inches or so, total length, give or take…)?

  2. I am wondering if this was inspired from the Yaris, now that Toyota controls a bit of Subaru or just a new direction their going since the new Impreza is aimed upstream. I am guessing this car will offer AWD and other features typically found in modern Subarus.
    Now, I am worried that the new Suzuki SX4 won’t be able to enjoy all the attention it is now getting, but then again the SX4 might (need to) offer a much quicker off the line engine then its current offering
    which some people have suggested.

  3. I’ll have to agree with you Vince: the current R1 and R2 are much better than this. Too bad.

  4. I like it. It’s similar to the Versa in appearance but it’s just a little cleaner and smoother looking. I wonder if it’s the same size as the Versa and I wonder if it will have all wheel drive. Nice job Subaru.

  5. Considering the Impreza is being redesigned for ’08 and will supposedly be slightly bigger, and I presume slightly more expensive as well, Subaru needs a smaller car for the entry level market even though their current philosophy is towards a more luxury-brand oriented niche…

    With the increase in interest in better gas mileage vehicles, and the development of alternative drivetrains at FHI (the diesel was just announced, plus they already have an electric R1 in Japan, and have a Hyprid drivetrain in the works) they need a smaller chassis in the mix.

  6. vince this is a fake mate. look at the reflection/ what you can see through the passenger window and it does not match to the outside environment. Furthemore the window line is pure opel astra/corsa however it still is an attractive car

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