New Smart versions?

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These are illustrations from the “great one” Mark Steherenberger.
Looks like he is thinking of a 4 door and a pick up.
The 4 door was a flop and canceled last year.

Will they try it again?
Like Lincoln did with their luxury pick up truck???

On a personal note. I went downstairs at the L.A auto show , where they have all the after market stuff. Somebody had a few Smart cars there. The “old”ones.
I sat in one and, even though I don’t mind really small cars, it felt freakishly small . It made the Mini feel like a Crown Victoria. And this was indoors.

Not sure if this will work in the US….

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  1. I would rather have a decent sized car with smallish engine…basically Kei-car type deal. I don’t drive agressively, but I agree with you Vince, Smart is kinda small.
    It’s sorta the same thing with “Compact” pickups these days. Use too much gas, and they are substantially bigger than what they were.

    No way. I’ll guess that they’ll try for some other thing besides the Fortwo, but not a pickup truck.

  3. Why not a pickup? Pickups, even small ones, make sense in the US market. This one would be incredibly small, but even a small one like that will have a good amount of utility because the back is opened up.

    Right now there are only two true small pickups in the US. The Ranger and the Colorado/Canyon. Everything else has gotten too big to be called a small truck. Most of the formally compact trucks have grown so big that they are about the size of the full size trucks we had just a decade ago. Unfortunately the Ranger and Colorado suck monkey balls.

    Sorry to get off on a rant. A Smart pickup would be too small to be called a “Compact” pickup, but it would be a nice Micro Pickup.

  4. i agreed with vince on the size of the smart. i sat in one last year at the new york autoshow. i think it was a zap-converted smart. it felt really small with another person in the passenger side (you could really rub shoulder to shoulder). it further felt weird with the “open” dash.

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