Next Ford Fiesta

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Just another illustration of what it might look like.
And we might actually get this one in the US.

Some day….

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  1. I liked the 94 Escort I had for a few dasy in Dec of 1995…..rental, it was not bad. Drove it home, 42 miles, through a snow storm, and drove though stuff that top this day, my in-law says” I still do not know how you made it home in that!”
    It was a decent little vehicle.
    They (in europe, I think) had 3 and 5 door versions….
    I woul dnto mind if Ford would build say something the size of the Yaris Sedan, dropped a 125HP engine in it(keep weight down to what, 2,400 lbs)… make it a coupe or 3 door(or 5, also)….vs this tiny go-kart.
    Keep the looks, just make the thing larger .
    That spy photo, or whatever, you had of the 2 door car Ford’s bringing here, let’s HOPE they do somethign stylish(hoping the spy photo, or whatvever, is a decoy,lol)…..
    If they could build a sporty handling little car, 33-35MPG, 15K…(I read on the net, that the Escort could hit 0-60 in 8.2 seconds,Scion tC times!….give or take, with the 125HP engine… see the Google search for Ford Escort…if anyone wants to look it up).
    Only Ford I ever wanted to buy, to be honest( Mustang is shrap, but I dislike RWD, since I do not race on a daily basis, and live in snwo country).

  2. Isn’t Ford supposed to build a new sub compact and throw the Bronco name on it? What happened to that?

    Are they going to build several sub compact models? That would be a good idea if they base them all off the same Fiesta platform.

  3. Anonymous said…

    perfect, now get the dumb thing here now
    8:36 AM

    I like this car, too, and I agree to bring it to the States now, but it’ll take Ford five years to make up its mind. As with most domestic manufacturers, too little too late.

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