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I sat in the current Mazda 2 a few years ago and thought it was a very nice car.
Interior feels and looks exactly like a smaller brother to the Mazda3.

The next model is supposed to share a platform with the next Ford Fiesta. And be much less square than the current one.

On these illustrations it even looks very much like most other small cars now. From the new Opel Corsa to the Toyota Yaris…

Not sure if we’ll get this one yet.

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  1. Wow, that looks nice. The only thing that seems weird is the headlights look like the first generation ford focus.

  2. That looks like a choped version of the Toyota Auris spy pictures.
    I don’t think these are authentic representations of the new Mazda2.

  3. Darn. And we never even got to sample the last one. I still long for the MX Micro Sport Concept to materialize in the US.

  4. If this is also going to be the design direction for the future Mazda3, I better hurry up and buy one now before they make it ugly.

  5. Is that a Toyota? Sure looks like one, or maybe a Lexus, or perhaps a Hyundai, since they love to imitate Toyota.

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