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Remember the Qashqai form the Paris Auto show?
Here is the US version.

Some people were complaining here about the European version being too short for the US.
This looks almost the same, but a bit longer.

The interior seems miles ahead of the plasticky RAV4.
The usual 2.5 Liter is standard with a CVT.
No V6.

I actually like the European version a bit better. The headlights here are a bit weird.
The wheels too small.
And the proportions not quite as strong. It’s almost a little bit lumpy.

But these are just pictures….We’ll see.

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  1. I don’t really care for the front end treatment, but otherwise, wow. I could see myself in one of these, and I don’t even care for CUV’s…

  2. Vince,
    Damm, you did it again!
    First the Honda Crossroads and now this!!!
    1) When will this come here?
    2)Engine size
    3) Where will this baby be built? I hope Japan.

    Honda really needs to bring their Crossroads here now!!!!! Or as Vince call it, Shmuck

  3. not every SUV can be a mini murano. i see some strong resemblence to the santa fe, especially the side profile. not a bad x-trail replacement. sketches made it look much sportier.

  4. Very common. There isn’t anything that wows any one except maybe the back that kind of looks like the Hyundai Sant Fe.

    But not bad for people who want something bland and not too crazy.

    I think it will do well.

  5. Wow, very nice, I would definately rock one of these. I hope they will have it at Detroit in a few weeks, I want to see this in person.

  6. now that’s hot, this will easily eat up raves and curves. Nissan, the 2.5 and CVT combo platter is light years ahead of anything!

  7. interior looks really nice, but exterior is poorly executed… looks like nissan just slap a maxima front to the hyundai santa fe… thumbs down!

  8. Another suv with no manual for the US. The euro version had pics of a manual so I know it’s available…

    I guess I’m still waiting then.

  9. The back might look like a Hyundai, but Hyundai takes ideas from everyone else so I would not be surprised to see that this came from an old Japanese design.

  10. Since when did Nissan start building Hyundais, or is it the other way around? Hopelessly dull and boring. Nissan design is in a real tailspin. Hopefully the interior plastics are of better quality than the photos make them out to be.

  11. Exterior Apes Hyundai’s Santa Fe

    The side and rear exterior looks like a stamped copy of the Hyundai Santa Fe. Too bad they couldn’t come up with an original.

    I think the interior looks great. Would love to see more.

    Yeah, in case anyone was wondering, the Hyundai Santa Fe was well ahead in final design before this was even approved. You know what they say about imitation…


  12. Vince, this appears to be a larger “extended length” version of the Qashqai for the U.S. Which is a good thing because I felt the Qashqai was nice, but much too small to properly compete here. The only numbers I could find for Rogue have it being larger then the RAV-4 and almost as big as a Santa Fe.

    The 2.5 should be plenty strong but someone please tell me why oh why did Nissan not include a V-6 option?!?!?! All it’s competitors except the CR-V have it, so why not Nissan??? Don’t give me that bull about it intruding into Murano sales/territory either. There’s no valid reason this thing shouldn’t have a V-6 option!!!!

    Here’s a size comparison chart for your loyal readers… (all numbers in inches)

    The only numbers (so far) for Rogue are
    Length: 182.9
    Wheelbase: 105.9

    2007 Qashqai
    Length: 169.7
    Wheelbase: 103.5
    Width: 70.1
    Height: 63.4

    2007 Santa Fe
    Length: 184.1
    Wheelbase: 106.3
    Width: 74.4
    Height: 67.9

    2007 CR-V
    Length: 177.9
    Wheelbase: 103.1
    Width: 71.6
    Height: 66.1

    2007 RAV-4
    Length: 181.1
    Wheelbase: 104.7
    Width: 71.5
    Height: 66.3

  13. I think everyone is forgetting that Nissan came out with the most original design on the Murano first, the same goes for the Infiniti FX. Hyundai copied the Murano side profile and rear while the front is pure Infiniti FX, so maybe Nissan is not making Hyundai’s but rather working off their own previous designs.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the looks of the Santa Fe. In fact it will be in my driveway in a couple months as a replacement for my wife’s car. But one of the reasons for that is because Hyundai took some really nice design cues from the Murano and FX, which are two of my favourites.

    Once you see it in person, you will all agree that this leaves it’s competition in the dust (CRV, Rav4 etc.)

  14. I think what everyone is forgetting is that the Sante Fe was created with lots of design cues from the Murano and Infiniti FX. Go ahead take a look, the Santa Fe front is pure FX, while the rear and side profiles have a lot of Murano design cues.

    So maybe Nissan is not copying Hyundai after all, maybe they’re just taking design cues from their own models which preceeded the Santa Fe.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Santa Fe. In fact I will have one in my driveway as a replacement for my wife’s car in a couple months.

    But I think things need to be looked at objectively.

    I could very well see myself buying one of these, and I’m not an suv kinda guy. The design of this is far more attractive than the immediate competition (Rav4, CRV, etc.)

    Take a look at it in person, then tell me it doesn’t stand out. Ohh and also keep in mind that this thing will start around 20k.

  15. Take a good look at that front end and rear quarter window! This is what the 4th generation 2012 Honda CR-V will look like! Nissan beat the competition by 5 years!

  16. Dear Jabu,
    As far as I kwow, the Rogue is not supposed to replace the X-Trail as well as the Qashqai won’t in Europe and Japan. The next X-Trail is to be presented at the next Geneva Auto Show in March 2007. Rogue/Qashqai will be for the Murano what the X-Trail is for the Pathfinder.

  17. i cant figure out what is good and what is bad. is a nissan cvt good and the cvt on a ford bad? this is nothing spectacular, it looks like the same thing that is out now.

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