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Chrysler officially decided to pass on a production model version of the Firepower concept.
Too bad.
Chrysler does need good looking cars.

But it also makes sense.
If they can’t seel the $35 000 2 seater Crossfire, what chance do they have with an even more expensive 2 seater?

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  1. I think it is a matter of design. The Crossfire was a nice little car, but I think the back was a little too different compared to the very short-like raked front.
    However, if this model looked exactly like the production version, then maybe it would be a contender.

  2. I was sad when I saw this…Chrysler needs this BAAAAD!

    But you know what? The Crossfire concept was such a beautiful car, while the prod version was a very outdated reskinned SLK. I’d rather not have high hopes for a beautiful Firepower only to get a reskinned previous gen CLK.

    I heard that they are seriously considering the Imperial concept…baaad move Chrysler, that thing was hideous!

    You know, for a fourth of what these bog wigs at some of these car companies are making, I, as well as a bunch of car heads out there can make better decisions and turn a friggin’ profit!!!

  3. With a recession coming (We haven’t had a real one since 1991) and bad finances at Daimler Chrysler, this is a sound decision.

    The design can still be applied to other products anyway… Like, for example, to refresh the styling of the Sebring in a couple of years when they’ll finally figure out that their car is ugly and won’t sell.

  4. Chrysler 2 seats cars need cabrio versions. Only cabrio 2 seats cars can have a good chance about sellings in Europe… and maybe America

  5. Boooo. That thing was amazing. I wonder what this decision will mean for the next gen viper as they were both supposed to share platforms.

  6. Yeah…I agree Vince. All these nice ‘halo’ cars automakers are coming out with…how do they benefit their bottom line and the average buyer too?

    Audi just came out with that R8. Whooppee! (it’s not even that attractive either)

    They should update the Caliber interiors, and now you’re talkin…

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