Scion xB replacement

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Just a new picture.
Still the same old news. A longer car with a larger 2.4 Liter engine from the tC.

I hear this will be on sale before the summer, so we’ll see the final thing pretty soon.

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  1. HUH!?! That looks almost like a real car… maybe the cardboard helps? _____ joking aside, where’s the quirkiness? Did Scion decide to go after their more mature customers instead??

  2. maybe they should have designed it like a Japanese milk truck of 1950, ya know, retro look? It seems that this might lose some customers( Doubt this model will help me talk the spouse into buying one for our next “family vehicle”, lol).

    I hearad this thing will go from the current 155 inches total length to 165 inches total length( think Rabbit-length vehicle).
    Head tC engine, also.
    Heard there will be a 4 inch width increase, and more otpions( like sunroof, 6 way seats, etc).
    I still think they should have tried the PT/HHR route, but with a Japanese “flare” to the design, vs a box. This longer version, whjat we can see, the “uniqueness” is lost.

  3. Seriously, looking past the cardboard, with the new softened edges, the first thing I thought of was:

    Honda Element

    As for the 1.8L, it’s actually supposed to be getting the same 2.4L the tC has from the Camry. There’s also a rumor of either AWD or 4WD. Guess the xB is becoming even more of a Honda Element every day.

    Personally I’m waiting to hear about the xA replacement, the xD. It seems they’ve gone all soccer mom on the xB. Such a shame.

  4. With 10″ length and 4″ width stretch this will look like a real car with decent interior space. I also heard it is the new corolla chassis with the 1.8 liter engine and that the 2.4 was just for the t2B concept car.

  5. Anonymous said…………….”
    …..It seems they’ve gone all soccer mom on the xB. Such a shame.

    12:50 PM

    I agree. I also agree with the idea of a Scion “Cruiser”, versus this “soccer mom” vehicle.

    The Camry engine I-4 has 157 or 158HP(I forget) and the tC has 160HP, but same engine, just tweaked some for tC( which is the Avensis overseas, I believe, but with a hatch, and 2 less doors, correct?).

    I just hope that they do not ruin the next generation tC, or whatever it’s replacement will be.

  6. they should use the corolla engine, to keep the mpg high. i just found out that the current version has VSC and traction control standard. thats a pretty good deal. it should have AWD for winter trips and such

  7. Still can’t understand the attraction of this vehicle. Other than Toyota’s percieved quality, I can think of many other more stylish vehicles that are still just as utilitarian. Oh well, this looks like the box the PT/HHR came in.

  8. some people like it because it’s relitively cheap, you get a lot for your money, has a better chance of being reliable, gets good gas mileage and has a lot of usable space(it accentually a box, if you want to ship or store stuff you ususally put it in a box right? it’s the best use of space, what are other cars that are boxes besides the element or a truck that cost more than the xb). anyway, most people drive in the city where driving dynamics and horsepower aren’t very important. don’t understand why some people(not on this post) are all hating on cars that are designed for city and highway driving, they don’t’ need to go and handle like a race car.

  9. Percieved quality follows a track record of actual quality. Something GM/Ford and most MBA-ridden companies have not quite figured out.

  10. Only very old people will buy this.

    Old people are the ones who predominantly buy Toyotas and Lexuses and Hondas–especially in the UK.

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