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Toyota seems to be already using a 3 door version of the new Auris in European racing.
The 3 door was caught testing in the US a few weeks ago, so we might get it in addition to the Corolla sedan.

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  1. I’d consider this, especially a 3 door hatch, that is not a total box-wagon style.

    I wonder, though, would this be the xA(a version…since Scion is supposedly going up to 5 vehicles?) 3 door?

    Hope Not, especially @ 108 HP, ot whatever. A Toyota Corolla, with the new(maybe 140HP) I-4, yes.
    I would really consider one.

  2. On second thought, I looked up the Europena specs, and then had it converted to inches…. and it is about the size of the Kia Rio Sedan( or maybe an inch shorter, even).

    Used to be (at Hyundai, for example), they sold the 3 door Accent And the Sedan Same Sizes(except one had the turnk, one did not).
    So what’s the deal ,like at Hyundai, the new Accent is aorund 160 inches total length, and the Sedan is around 168 inches total length?
    The rumored new Corolla is about 179-180 inches, and this 166? I could Maybe see if they knocked off 1/2 foot, make it about tC size in length…. but to knock off 13-14 inches?
    I guess the xA selling barely 30,000 units a year is not low enough(well, slap a “Corolla” label on it, and it would sell if it were 12 feet long, 100 HP).
    Sorry for the rant, Vince, others.

  3. This won’t be a Scion in the US.
    If they do seel it here, it will be a Toyota.
    Just like the Yaris 3 door.

  4. If you got to compare it to something, it is same as Golf/GTI. 3 door version would be exactly the same size, just with 2 doors less.

    It is higher quality car inside and out, so it would be too expensive for US market, let alone Scion.

    However, I am sure there will be new Matrix, which is Corolla based, just more utility…

  5. I’m Italian Boy! I have in my garage Toyota CorollaTS MY05. This Toyota Auris haven’t personality. 3Doors isn’t sportive. Oldt time …. when Toyota producer Supra, Celica, CarinaE, Old Crolla version …. ! Internal Quality is very low. In Motorshow of Bologna i have touch yhe internal material. Is orripilant. This is my pimpression. Toyota is decrease the quality of the internal. Excuse me for my Scolastic English … ! By

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