Toyota FT-HS Concept

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Or the “super Hybrid” with 400 hp!
Mainly powered by the now familiar 3.5 Liter V6.

This might fuel again the rumors about a new Supra.
Toyota even mentions this RWD coupe could be sold for around $35 000 if produced.

So this is pretty much the same system used in a few Lexus models. Nothing really new except it is now in a light weight 2 seater sports car that goes “really fast”.
I’d rather see Hybrid technology to the service of better mileage than pure speed.

Personally, I don’t really have any use to go 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds.
But I sure could use a cool car that gets me over 40mpg…

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  1. Swoopy is as swoopy does, im sure someone will like it but i dont, at all. go retro Toyota and bring back the 1986 supra, that car was sexy !!!!

  2. I like it. It looks very modern & sharp.

    If you can see through the small distractions (panels), you’ll see the real shape – which looks very Toyota.

    $35K? for a cool looking car with reliable 3.5l V6 (300HP+) + Hybrid? Sounds very reasonable!

  3. That looks suspiciously like the lexus LF-A concept from last year… there a rebadging situation going on at toyota?

  4. Nissan GT-R fighter. A rebadged version will be sold as a Lexus (think LF-A) to fight the upcoming NSX and Caddy XLR. Mercedes SL maybe? and the new BMW MBZ fighter?
    Only time will tell.

  5. Hmmm… this time instead of just looking like the box a real car came in, it looks like they bent it, cut parts off, then taped them back on == visual torture.

  6. You sure it’s 35,000 not 135,000? I mean, this thing is so awesome that Toyota has to find SOME way to keep us from having one, all automakers have that kind of stupidity!

  7. This is a cross-breed between GTR and Acura’s new sport car concept. And isn’t that a bit too close to LF-A two years ago? Not a bad looking car, but it has way too many holes and design details. I like XF “concept” more.

  8. The Lexus supercar is NOT going to be a re-badge of this. First off, the Lexus supercar is all but confirmed. A Toyota sports car based on this concept has been rumoured, but not confirmed. And yes, this concept does hint at the rumoured Toyota-branded sports car.

  9. I’m concerned from a design standpoint.

    The point of L-Finesse was to finally separate Lexus from Toyota, aesthetically. But now Toyota is following Lexus… that’ll undo all their work (except that this design language is better than before).

  10. The solo space of Toyota FT-HS Hybrid is a concept of centering the vehicle around the driver. It does give the driver a sense of control beyond a typically production car. This vehicle seems to really have a quite a flare and I believe will win in the “Best Featured Car at Detroit Auto Show Poll”

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