VW Jetta Hybrid?

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There are some rumors from Europe mentioning a Hybrid version of the Jetta.
The car would be, at first, exclusive to the US market.
It would combine VW’s excellent diesel engine with an electric motor.
The results would no doubt be a higher mileage than any other Hybrids offered here.

But we are talking about 2009. Exactly when the next Prius will show up.
The Prius is supposed to be a bit roomier and slicker looking. And they are talking about a larger 1.8 Liter engine and almost 90MPG. It might also incorporate solar cells into the roof and 4wd in some markets.
And for 2010 Nissan might have a plug in Altima Hybrid out.

A Jetta Diesel/Hybrid is a great idea, but by then the competition will even be tougher.

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  1. You may also have a fuel cell(Honda, not as high MPG, but…) to choose from by 08, too.
    (yeah, yeah, I know, limited fuelling? Maybe a PHILL-like deal at home?).
    Mitsu keeps bringing up this MIEV( electric motor in each wheel thing)…for 09(hybrid?).

    And, the Jetta is already priced like a base Azera(guess which one I’d buy for 24K, it ain’t the VW).
    So, this thing will probably be priced like the fuel-cell from Honda,(or worse?).

    A 30-35K hybrid? No.

    A 24K Prius w/90MPG(even if it “only” delivers 80….), Yes.
    I’d trust Toyota(or Hyundai/Kia) quality over VW.

  2. vw can’t even get their electrical systems in order, how are are they going to make a electric/gas hybrid. sigh….

  3. I am hoping the diesel/hybrid VW comes to pass, especially as a Wagon. I am holding off on buying a car for at least 18 months to see what does happen. Barring that I will probably go for the next Prius.

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