Who needs an “Interceptor Concept”…

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Ford totally denied rumors about a 4 door version of the Mustang today. (Or yesterday…)
They claim they will always keep the Mustang a 2+2 and a convertible.

Good news for the purists.

They also say the upcoming RWD Interceptor sedan concept will NOT be based on an Australian platform (as reported earlier) but on a stretched Mustang platform with independant rear suspension. (isn’t it what the LS was?)
There seems to be a confusion whether this Interceptor is a Ford or a Lincoln…

Ford seems to be serious about a “retro” RWD car.
But wait!
Remember the great looking 427 Sedan concept (above) shown a few years ago???
I can’t remember anyone not liking it. It looked great.
This should have been in production by now!
A great looking car, a bit retro yet modern looking. Much more attractive than the Charger.
Why show yet another concept??

I just don’t get it.
Do they have that much money to waste???

They’ve already designed a great, timeless, retro RWD, muscle car sedan.
Just make it!

Watch me eat my words in a couple of weeks if the Interceptor turns out to look amazing….

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  1. Um…hi there…the 427 did make it to production, tons of it’s styling cues appear on the Fusion. Notice that that’s why the headlights and grill look familiar??

  2. Ford is going to global architectures. The next Rwd U.S. platforms(s) will be an amalgamation of the best features of the D2C-Mustang and the Australian Falcon/Fairlane (and possibly a bit of Panther too… the Aussie platform(s) DO have a version with a frame!). As for the 427, it’s a bit late to use that for a NextGen product. Hopefully when NAIAS comes everyone will realize “they hadn’t seen nuthin yet”. (btw, some sources say there will be 2 NAIAS concepts: the Interceptor and the mystery-Lincoln

  3. “ford should use this new car to REPLACE THE CROWN VIC.”

    Ford could do that, however, they already sort of have with the 500. It’s larger and roomier, but for some reason the Crown Vic won’t die. I don’t really think they need two full size cars (the 500 and something else)

  4. You’re right about the 500.
    I forgot about it, like most people…

    It is a pretty nice car but the CVT in it is the worst I’ve ever experienced.
    They also need a better interior. Not only the shapes, but the cheap finish and plastics.
    It’s a large car that looks pretty expensive until you step inside.
    It wouldn’t take that much to make it pretty nice.

  5. Ford has a great “retro” car on hand: The Crown Vic and its brothers or sisters. Why not put a bigger engine in there ( I know the 5.4 does not fit ), add a six-speed automatic, maybe independant rear suspension, a more modern and upscale interior and the center console just as an option. And here you have a great American road car. It would be different of what what the rest of the world is like. I do not think the managers at Ford are that smart or brave enough to do that to do that. And that is too bad-I think it would be a success. And finally: Forget about the 500.

  6. I like this car. But the seats, center drivetrain tunnel, and those hideous 70’s Dodge Charger interior door panels have to go.

    Looks good in black.

  7. i like the 427. i think they should of made it, but i dont think the powers that be had cars in mind,just how to squeeze more out of what they had in front of them instead of looking forward.i saw drawings of the ford 500,montego before production and was impressed but when i saw the actual cars i couldn’t believe how someone could ruin designs!so i saw first hand how cars change prior to going into production. the cars had low roof lines and a nice stance with 20in. wheels.

  8. funny that people say the crown vic wont die. I heard that police are cringing at the comfortablity of the new charger patrol cars! i still see some highway patrolman still driving old crown vics up and down the highway. i guess when you are in a vehicle so much you have to be comfortable and it is going to be hard to beat speed and comfort

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