Yes, it is a Honda.

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But it’s not called the HRV .
The new Crossroad is still a “smaller than CRV: SUV type car.

So it might actually replace the old HRV anyway…
And how about replacing the Element ?

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  1. Vince,
    Your awesome with your information!!
    I still think this should come to the US to fill in the
    $ 16,000-$18,000 range and fit below the LX CR-V.
    In my opinion, keep this and forget about the next Element as entry model.
    What do other people feel?

  2. This can be Honda’s way of battling the Jeep Patriot/Compass/Calibar family while aiming right between the eyes with the Scion XB(BB) and whatever small entry model Nissan plans to sell her. I wonder if Mitsubishi
    will sell anything below the Outlander as far as AWD, but they need to push their marketing uphill to first sell the Outlander, prices are still a little expensive but hopefully the will sell them at more particle prices, well for at least my budget. It is a really nice truck, anyway, I want this Honda ASAP!!!!!! This will be a nice replacement which the earlier CR-V’s once held.
    I agree, forget about the Element or just name this the next Element and build it in Japan for heavens sake and sell it below the least expensive CR-V.
    Mr. Honda, are you listening?

  3. I like it.
    I just got a 07′ CRV-AWD EX but, I would prefer this one instead (really).
    Looks more macho in my opinion.
    Vince, I think this might be the new HR-V, but I hope they bring it to the US.
    I love the Element but hated the suicidal doors and the fact that only seats two in the rear seats.

    And Honda, please trow inthere a fricking V6 engine please!

  4. Wow, very ugly, looks like another bad knock-offs from one of those chinese manufacturers.. Honda has been and still is going downhill, I hope they will come back with some interesting products soon!

  5. This car will sell like crazy, but I hope it won’t hurt CR-V sales, but than again Honda was able to successfully sell the Element.
    If this car was spotted in LA(according to Autoblog) it is more than likely be sold here(fingers crossed big time).
    I will go to my local Honda dealer and put a deposit down now!!!!
    If they sell it here, Honda really knows their customers
    as far as taste, budget and appeal.
    Vince, do you think this should be sold here?

  6. vince, have you heard anything about the size of this? is it more element-sized? or is it similar in size to the scion xB?

    keep up the good work!

  7. If a H2 and an Element gang-banged an an XB, this would be the offspring. Verrrry original. I’m over the whole refrigeraters on wheels look.

  8. The fact it was spotted in L.A doesn’t mean it will be sold in the US.
    Foreign cars makers use L.A a lot for their brochure pictures.
    Downtown, the beach etc…
    I think this would be too close to the Element in the US.
    Unless they decide to replace the Element with it…

  9. That is kind of far to ship it for just a few photo shots
    Anyway, 12:16 and 12:33 writers, you guys are the reason why such cool utes don’t make it here.
    The US needs small utes for people who can’t afford Hummers and CR-Vs.

  10. They used a nice trick to make it look like an SUV : proeminent plastic cladding all around.

    Without that it would look like a cube (nissan).

    It would be nice if Honda could make it cheap enough. I wonder what’s the price of the HRV in europe or japan.

  11. Also notice hoe the ”real” bumpers are below the fake ones… Again to make it look more like an SUV.

  12. I think as long as it is practical, has enough power, fuel efficient and safe, it will sell very well. Let’s not forget AWD and Japanese made.

  13. The Element is ‘DEAD’ when it comes down to sales! Ask any Honda dealer and they will tell you that it is the slowest selling model on their lots! Honda needs some young blood in their lineup here in U.S. and this Macho looking Honda Crossroad is just the prescription and remedy for the ailing Element! It will also take up the slack for the reduced sales of the new CR-V.

  14. This would definitely fill the void that has been created by Honda when they discontinued the 2nd generation CR-V SUV, in favor for the new small ‘WAGON’ crossover they now call the CR-V! They may hesitate to bring it to America though. It would probably outsell the current CR-V 3 to 1!

  15. I would be shocked if Honda did not replace the Element with this. Not doing this would be what GM/Ford would do.

  16. To those of you who think the CR-V is not selling, I sell Hondas and we have NO CR-Vs on the lot, have people on a two to three month waiting list. I have sold people who were looking at the Lexus RX 330 and chose the new CR-V instead. Just because it doesn’t match your idea of an SUV, doesn’t mean it isn’t a smash hit.

    That said, it would be great to have a small SUV under $20k and no, the Element isn’t flying off the shelves, it is selling what Honda targeted it to sell… but it needs an update soon. This one without the suicide doors would be a great replacement.

  17. Hey Mr. Salesman, It is no secret that the outgoing CR-V sold more units per month during its’ introduction back in the late fall of 2001. It also continued an upward climb to become a volume leader in it’s class. Many dealers around the U.S. have already experienced a decline in sales this December only after 3 months since its’ introduction. If this trend continues, sales will eventually be far off the projected mark. The competition is a lot stronger this time around, and many people still like the rugged looks of an SUV! Old habits die hard.

  18. buwahahahhahahahh… c’mon, cross shopping a $40k Lexus and a $20k Honda??? You can do better than that!

  19. The new 2007 CR-V set a sales record in Octover, selling over 20,000 units in October beating its previous best month in July of 2005 by over 3700. This was a 95.7% increase over October 05. Novemeber sales were 61% over Nov 05. These numbers are from a press release by American Honda, I got it from

    I have sold two CR-Vs, the EXL model (which is a $25,000 model) to two different customers who were happy to pay that instead of $40,000 for the Lexus, the vehicle both were about to purchase until they saw the new CR-V. Neither were interested in the previous CR-V at all. Both of these were ladies, Honda did target the female audience with this redesign, so while it might not look like a rugged SUV to you, it is a smash hit by Honda. We are sold out, the other dozen Honda dealers in Dallas/Fort Worth are in the same boat.

    I take it that you did not own the previous CR-V nor will buy the current one, you are just a blow hard that gets jollies by seeing your own opinions on the web. You can like what you want in an SUV, your subjective opinion is yours, but numbers are objective and yours are wrong.

    Go ahead and buy your manly Tahoe or Armada or Hummer or whatever and be upside down for the next 60 months. Happy New Year!

  20. Hey Vince, is this Texas salesman a saleswoman experiencing PMS on your site? The ‘Octover Blowhard’ is very defensive about their precious little CR-V. It’s probably the sissy who designed it in the first place!

  21. Honda designer was overheard saying, “lets take every styling cue that is selling on other auto manufacturers vehicles and mush it into one of ours.”

  22. Comparing a V-6 Lexus 330 Luxury Crossover to a 4 cylinder Honda CR-V based on the Civic is LUDICROUS! Just take a simple test drive in both vehicles and you will experience a totally different quality between the two. One handles and rides like a luxury sedan, while the other reminds you of a compact dump truck! Even the new Hyundai Elantra handles drives and rides 10 times better than the CR-V! Don’t take my word for it, just go and test drive these vehicles for yourself if you really want to know the truth!

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