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  1. since you brought up a fomoco close up of a headlight…

    the 2008 mercury mariner headlights have a little mercury logo in them (a la vw). i thought it was a nice little touch and shows that there are fomoco designers that ARE trying.

    i’d love to see a reality show about car designers v. corporate bean counters v. focus groups v. corporate board. there has got to be a TON of drama. or at least a lot of talking behind people’s backs. lol. it’d be really interesting to see the process and how the groups interact and react to one another.

  2. I think Ford did a good job on the interior. The fake wood looks pretty good. I personnally never liked the chrome bars on the new ford vehicles so I don’t like this new front end. Personnally I thought the car would look better if ford kept the old front end but made it lower. Make the headlights and grill lower profile. Then make an angled crease on the side of the car starting low on the front and raising as it went rearward. Then do the same with the side windows. Instead of the bottom of the windows going straight across, have the front of them start alittle low and then rise as it progressed rearward. I think that would give it a nice slightly aggressive stance sorta like the Holden Caprice in Austrailia. But that’s just me…What do I know?

  3. I can see a lot of upset 500 owners in the near future when the large 3 level fake chrome plastic grille gets chips all over it and ruins the appearance of the front end! Looks are not always practical in the real world.

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