2008 Altima Coupe movie

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That’s right, a whole movie from your best friend:
Vince Burlapp.
The next best thing to actually being there.
Just click

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    1. Thanks for sharing the vid Vince.

      This car looks great. I wish the rear lights weren’t so big, but otherwise a very handsome and muscular car.

      The Accord Coupe cannot hold a candle to this. Good job Nissan.

    2. Nice jazzy-jazz soundtrack! The car looks nice too, somewhat similar, in general outer shape, to the Pontiac G6 coupe. I’m sure the Altima has the better interior though, shouldn’t be hard to top the G6’s.

    3. looks good, I just get all teary eyed when I remember it’s FWD… If only Nissan would throw 240sx fans a bone…

    4. I just read that Nissan is actually considering a “smaller and cheaper than Z” RWD car.
      Great news.
      And maybe sooner than we think.

      Anyone here heard that too?
      the “Nissan experts”???

    5. this is the best coupe you will ever drive at this price. it nears the overall feel of the g35,only rides better. we compared to 3 series coupe and current accord and defunct toyocrap solaris . far better car

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