2008 Ford Focus

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This one is just for us.
The new coupe replaces the hatchback. (That’s a shame)

It does look much better than the car it replaces, without being really “all new”.
Ford is becoming a master at redesigning cars on the same old platforms. (Like the new Escape).

The Focus has always been a nice driving car, so it shouldn’t really matter that much.
I don’t know what to think of the design yet.
There are some interesting touches, but the whole thing still looks a bit cheap. And the interior has lots of flat silver plastic (I really don’t think they’d use that much real metal).
It might work…
The coupe, at least on the pic, doesn’t look aggressive enough to me.
Just a 2 door sedan…

I think it will undercut the competition in price and will end up being a good car for Ford.

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  1. der “coupe” version of the focus is hideous. and the sedan looks like a refreshed version of the current model. the EURO 3-door hatch looks ways better!

  2. what did they do to it i live in Europe and i drive a euro focus and i wouldn’t even consider sitting in that thing. it looks flimsy too fussy and tacky

  3. Wow – great pics, Vince. I was actually very skeptical of the whole plan to re-skin the existing Focus, but they actually went far enough that it looks like a new car. I actually like it. The cars drive great, have good quality, and although I loved the hatchbacks (I had one), the new coupe is a pretty sharp looking little car.

  4. Not sure what to make of this one – it looks like something you’d see at the Tokyo Motor Show. Why can’t we get the Euro Focus?

  5. I kinda like it.

    IMO this is an “ok” stop gap but Ford needs to bring the Euro Focus. If they are worried about it costing to much, they should rebrand it as a Mercury. They really need a compact over there.

  6. wow. is saturn ionosis a contagious automotive facial deformity?

    all kidding aside, i’m pretty disappointed by this redesign. however, i do like that ford switched from cheap-o green to a nicer ice blue. the new gauge cluster (andthe one in the escape) looks really good. the taillights are nice and so is that crease in the side. but that fake vent is horribly tacky.

    the hatchbacks were best looking focuses, imo. now we have something like what nissan did with the sentra and 200sx – frumpy car and frumpier coupe.

  7. The coupe looks better than the Cobalt. But, why no 3 door(tC-like) hatch?
    I guess selling nearly 80,000 tC’s in 06, and nearly 75,000 in 05 is no enough prrof to Ford(or others) that if you design a cool 3 door sporty hatch, the buyers will come to your dealerships!
    If this were a 3 door, w/160HP Mazda 3 engine…. and a decent MSRP(they had a 5/100K warranty on focus, last year)… I’d consider it.
    No 3 door? Then, to me, it’s a slightly better looking(*useless trunk) sedan.

  8. Ford is so damn stupid…..Ford spent millions reengineering an old, outdated car, and in doing so, make it look rather ugly. The car still looks outdated, and the quality is still behind compared to the competition.

    Ford could have spent that same money (maybe even less) importing the Euro Focus to America….and considering that the Euro focus is already a sales success in Europe, there would be less of a gamble in bringing it here….plus the Euro Focus is a quality product in comparison to the US Focus.

    Though the Euro Focus is a bigger car, Ford could have filled the void by bringing over the Fiesta to compete with the Honda Fit and the like.

    Ford deserves to go out of business…no one there appears to get it…not one god damned person…an American disgrace, that’s what Ford is.

  9. I think I like it and the interior is kind of cool. I see some Citreon (spelling?) C4 design elements with the front turn signals and info center above the dash board, Other views look kind of Civic and Toyota,
    Good job Ford, but please do bring us more European models,

  10. wow they have change the headlights a lot and the taillights too the front
    light look like the suzuki
    XL7 front light lol ford is really
    dum for that but i like the side vents now thats classy but overall
    i love this car

  11. I like it, not bad ford, keep up the good work, even though it is redo on the same platform, instead of bashing ford we should appauld them for atleast for trying.

  12. I’m disappointed.

    Of all the Big Threes trying to make a comeback I was really rooting for Ford. But why would they make the Focus look like the Ford Escorts from back in the day. Let’s be honest guys.. if we would have seen these pictures 8 years ago , even without the ford badge, we all would have said “is that the new ford escort?” It’s really just the back that bothers me (and the shape of the coupe). the front looks decent, but the back ruins everything. Hopefully Ford realizes this and I’ll wait for the Focus to have it’s midlife revamping

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