2008 Ford Freestyle

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I know I posted this before.
But I have seen recent spy shots of the actual car on the web, and they seem to look exactly like this one, so…
Here it is, again.

Form the changes they made to the 500, it looks like the Freestyle will be much improved thanks to a new engine/transmission combo and better materials inside.
Which is pretty much what I didn’t like in my review from last year.
The CVT was the worst transmission I had ever driven (including other CVTs). The car seemed to be deciding for me what to do, no matter what my right food was doing.
A weird, unsettling and sometime dangerous behavior.

But now they replaced all that by a “regular” 6 speed auto and the new 3.5 Liter V6.
I also noticed the plastics were very cheap for a car of this class and size. This seems to have been much improved in the new 500 as well.
How about the cool black/tan interior combo from the new 500 and the glass roof from the Edge.

We’ll see…

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  1. I hope whatever they do styling-wise, it’s enuf (along with the 3.5v6) to get people to tryout one of the best packaging/interior-volume vehicles on the market – HUUUUUGE inside/not that big outside…

  2. I’m not a big fan of those chrome bars on the front, but I gotta say this vehicle looks to be the best of the bunch with them. If the new 500 is any indication of the interior of this thing it should be pretty good. I hope they got rid of that stupid handle on the passenger side dash.

  3. the best keep gettting bettter
    this will show how you make a real american wagon
    a v8 is coming soon.something the japs can’t do

  4. The best keep getting better…

    A V8 coming soon? riiiiight. Only one other company is stupid enough to route a V8 through a front-drive family car chassis. That was GM.

    Japs can’t build a V8? Does the Toyota Tundra ring a bell to you? V8. (the new V8 is rumored to be over 375 horsepower). Other Japanese V8 vehicles: Toyota Sequoia, Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Lexus GX470, LX470…

    Nissan Titan? 305 horsepower V8, Armada too…Infiniti QX56, FX45

    With every statement you make that is completely baseless, you lose more and more credibility. We know you hate everything import.

    Are you 100% native american? If not, then I have news for you – you are part “import” too.

  5. Big deal! It’s the same car with what looks like a guard rail on the front. Whether it looks better or worse makes no difference because nobody is buying this thing anyway.

    Honda and Toyota vehicles are better and many nowadays are made in the U.S.A. by hard-working Americans who don’t belong to the UAW. Given a choice, I’d buy non-union for quality.

    The Americans who make Hondas, Toyotas, etc. are better workers who know that they work for their companies, not for the greedy, brain-dead United Auto Workers!

  6. without unions anywhere, we would not have a country or a decent job to work at. seems to me many people forget that. so many have died so you could live a decent life. if this type of thinking keep persisting in our free country, we all would be living with 30 people in one house to survive.

  7. besides the bottom of the front bumper which is slightly better looking than the picture. although it is very close to the new one.this car wears the new looks well and is a good deal in the current market. I like it and could not be beat for the price and capacity!

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