2008 Honda Pilot

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Could this be it???
Not sure, but it could be close.

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  1. Holy Ugly Hell!

    This seals the deal. I’m getting an ’07 as soon as the prices plummet in anticipation of the birth of this fugly beast.

  2. No! They can’t be that serious.

    Honda definitly needs a wake up call.

    That thing looks like it was design by the Chinese.

    Vince are you sure they are not pulling our legs?

  3. this is a joke right? it looks nothing more than someone very bored with not so creative with photoshop…

  4. Looks like a pathfinder photoshop with that new Japanese only SUV that was floating around here. Its hideous. This, that new accord coupe, and still not keen on that new crv, i dont know what hondas thinking.

  5. it’s just a crappy photoshop job combining aspects of the ridgeline, new accord concept, and that euro-Element-like thing they are developing.

  6. Photoshop!

    Current grill and headlights, back of the new mini suv…

    It could represent the new design direction but Honda is very quiet usually about its new designs… Just think about the new Accord. We waited for the Detroit auto show to see anything about it. (Except for some sketch of the back thanks to you Vince)

    Honda workers are probably more loyal to the company than designers from other companies where leaks are so common.

  7. I kind of like it. But honda has to stop using the wacky opening grill design. It makes their cars look off somewhat.

  8. this illustration must be a joke. why would honda make the next pilot look like the universally panned design of the ridgeline???

  9. First Honda gives us an Accord concept that looks like something the Koreans were designing 3 years ago, now this ghastly refrigerator box on wheels. Somebody lock the sake cabinet.

  10. Wow, that’s surprising honda built an ugly vehicle. Couldn’t see that coming.

    Honda…. designed for the blind.

  11. COOL!!! A Honda Ridgeline WAGON!!! I guess Honda knows what they are doing. That truck bed was keeping me from buying the Ridgeline in the first place! Now if only Honda would come out with a Large Sedan above the Accord based on this design we could all celebrate in a BIG way!

  12. I am ticled pink, almost giddy with excited and anticipation of these new Hondas hitting market. I pace my office imagining how large my sales figures will grow. I am not a Honda dealer, I sell the venerable, high quality Nissan product. Cheers to Honda, our break has come at the expense caused by their poor foresight into the realm of future design. The only quandry….the missing ingredient…. will Nissan North America support the incredible Nissan lineup with equally agressive programs!!! We will see, I sincerely hopethat someone from nissan is seeing this open door opportunity.

  13. If that photo were real (which it’s not), I would say that Honda just got effed in the A. But I can sleep easier at night knowing that it’s prolly nothing close to the real thing.

  14. Anonymous said..
    Now if only Honda would come out with a Large Sedan above the Accord based on this design we could all celebrate in a BIG way!

    They are planning to. Although, there not giving any details. The name of the big sedan will be called the Inspire. It should be on the market by the end of the decade.

    Now about that picture. It’s very fake. It’s got a complete Ridgeline grille. Very unrealistic.

  15. If this were a Ford, Dodge, or a Jeep, rednecks (and other assholes) would be slobbering to own it.

    Call it a Honda, and they’ll suddenly become sick to their stomachs.

    Either way, this is a useless, wasteful vehicle for most people.

  16. vinny,

    You state that you are pacing your office… don’t you mean the men’s bathroom of the hamburger joint across the street from your Nissan dealership? Was it not Nissan that moved their HQ from the Left Coast to Nashville to save a few Million.
    I would still rather have an ugly Honda with an interior that will last 10 years to an “edgy” Nissan that has an interior that will last a month past the lease period.

  17. I expect the next Pilot will still stay rugged like the current version, but I don’t expect it to take on the shape of an early 90’s Mitsubishi. At least I hope and pray that Honda would not do that. At least even in an obvious Photochop the door gaps and bumper gaps are tighter than anything Dodge seems to put into production.

  18. dude this is not it! the grill is not like that! the 2008 pilot is more like the 07 MDX! chill out and don’t buy a 07 pilot!

  19. poor weak dumb honda supporters, hey did they ever get their transmission problems fixed??? any way, i guess all you can do is cower once you are in a corner. I actually, feel sorry for Honda

  20. I am a current Honda owner and regret for buying a Honda. Their quality sucks as this fake photo.


  21. It’s possibly just a PhotoShop, but I saw another “spy” one, the side and the grille are pretty close.

    Except the front, the whole thing let me think of one thing. The very first generation Acura SUV, the re-badged Issue. I forgot its name.

    Sometime ago, I read a thread in a forum commented Honda is more GM-look-alike. I just laughed. But, now except the new CRV, all including Accord are like funded by GM, or like that guy said, Honda is hiring those fired GM designers.

  22. Man, even Chevy had a 70s vintage van that looked better than that nasty chop. The deal is sealed, I’m switching to the Enclave. At least it has some style, and with class. Honda designers have lost it…. look at that pig of a CRV.

  23. Vince, Unfortunately this picture is 95% dead on. Having seen a few test mules in person, the best description I can give you is that the new Pilot looks like a stretched Isuzu Trooper with a revised Ridgeline front end. The back doors are less noticable due to a blackened out ‘C’ pillar. The interior is the only saving grace on this new rendition!

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