2008 Infiniti QX56

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I don’t think the QX is a big hit for Infiniti.
Here in L.A I barely see any. But there are plenty of the new Escalade everywhere.

The changes make it a bit better inside. ( I have no idea what’s new outside), but still, I think this is no match for the Escalade in this market.
No personality and no image.

And yes, you guessed it, a revised Armada isn’t far behind…

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  1. i would have to disagree i think that the qx56 does have alot of personality (borrowed but alot) the armada its based on, doesnt look like anything else, the inside is a huge improvement the last one was the armada, with a couple pieces of wood, a round clock, but at the end of the day, this thing still is ugly, and overstyled personality or not, the navi, and escalade, seem to be better cars, but to me they all are over done….

  2. I’m not a SUV fan, but I would still take this over the Escalade, the Escalade ia all about “bling bling” but it has no substance. The best SUV is still the Cayenne.

  3. the escalade doesnt have substance
    ? huh, it has the most horsepower in its class, a very nice interior, alot of interior room, and in my opinion is nicer than the cayenne, which seems to have the cheapest interior you can get for over 100,000, not just that but the toureg, and q7 are much nicer but they are thousands less, and are based on the same car, what a rip off.

  4. here’s the big question of the day……Why do all those jugglers, dancers, acrobats and the like all act like black sheep and get into escalades????? be a leader forfu#$ sake and get one of these!

  5. I disagree about the Escalade, I think it’s based on a platform very substantial and very proven. This generation is a huge improvement over the first two generations of ‘Sclades. Yes it’s blinged-out, but it wears it really well.

    Thi QX56, along with the Nissan Armadillo, is just a grotesque and disjointed design with awful quality. Fixing the interior is a good step, but it will never be a real player in this segment until it’s completely redesigned.

  6. I am not into big trucks and I have no need for one.
    But if I did, I would pick the new Escalade hands down.
    The quality of the new ones seem really good. The interior is very nice and it actually looks fine outside.

    The new navigator looks like a 1070’s nightmare and these Infiniti ones just don’t have any personality to me.
    I think big trucks are one area where “Buy American” is the best choice.

  7. The Range Rover has a nicer interior than the Escalade, and although I like the styling of the new Tahoe and Suburban fairly well, the new Escalade’s exterior styling just doesn’t go over so well with me.

    The Armada and QX56 have had terrible reliability problems–I think CR even rates them below a Land Rover of the same year. I’m not sure that you can just engineer major quality issues out of an existing platform within a couple or three years. Look at the last generation Jetta/Golf/GTI–they had what, six or seven years (counting the fact that Europe got them a year early), and still couldn’t make it work.

  8. It seems to me that people who shop for Navigators/QX/lexusLX/escalades would not cross shop with Range Rovers/cayenne/audi. And as for the previous four, they hopefully will quietly fade into automobile history rather quickly.

  9. Some things in the testing of Edmunds.com are not right. How can two vehicles with virtually the same weight, 5600+lbs, both come with 6 speed transmission, but the Escalate (403hp) can only do 0 – 60 mph in 7.5 sec with 12.5 mpg and the Tundra (381hp) can cut 0-60 time more than a sec faster, just 6.3, and still yield a return of 14 mpg. Is that even physically possible?

  10. to MKK

    well, its not a big HP difference between the escalade and tundra, but the HP to Weight Ratio is what really counts, even 100 lbs. is a major difference, also, there is a lil thing called better engineering that will help maximize HP and EPA

  11. some mags have got 6.2 to 60 in the escalade, i think alot of the edmunds test are wrong, but 100 pounds doesnt really make a difference, but the range rover should be nicer it costs what 10-15,000 more and to get one with as much power as an escalade you have to spend over 90,000 thats what a 30,000 difference, its not that much nicer on the inside

  12. i disagree with vince in that ive seen a lot of these armada/QX56’s about town, and to me, a car isnt better just because it has tacked on plastic chrome. especially on the back of the escalade where its obvious that hours when into gluing on the chrome bar above the license plate. my advice: don’t buy a big suv like this, no one really needs one

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