2008 Pontiac G8

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They apparently showed it on ABC and of course.. I missed it!

But here is what they showed: Not that much.

But enough to see what we already knew: The G8 will just be a Commodore with a Pontiac grille.
It might get more changes in a couple of years when the production moves to Canada.
Meanwhile, still a nice RWD sedan that’ll make GM offerings even better.

And make Ford even worse…

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  1. The Holden Commodore is a bland car – at least its styling. But that is a matter of taste. Anybody want to see the interior? Power winder controls where they DO NOT belong: In the center console. The most terrible place to have and operate them. Technically these are fairly good cars to start with. Good for GM but definetly not bad for Ford.

  2. Okay, wow. This might “just” be an Aussie import, but when I glanced at the first two pics I thought I was looking at an updated BMW. Obviously you can’t tell much until we see more of the car. But hopefully this teaser shot of the car is a sign of good things to come. The grille design looks like the best interpretation so far of the Pontiac trademark. Short overhangs and RWD means that it appears the formula for this car will be correct… on paper at least. Given GM lately, I think it’s safe to be optimistic.

  3. “Power winder controls where they DO NOT belong: In the center console.”

    Is there a law that says power window controls can’t be on the centrer console? That’s where thery are on my car, and they work just fine.

  4. By the way that isn’t just a Commodore, that my friend is a HSV. Commodore’s bigger, brawnier brother!

  5. It’s actually a Commodore SS with HSV wheels Brad. They wouldn’t sell a Pontiac sedan with more power than the Corvette, so no HSVs for America. At least not in Pontiac G8 guise.

  6. you don’t know for sure that that is a HSV, however it does have the same wheels as the HSV GTS.

  7. …From the pics we see here, it looks like the hood and grille from the 500hp GTO show car they did a couple of years back…veeerry niiiccce!

    I believe this car (G8?) is based on the longer wheelbase Statesman/Caprice…not the Commodore.

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