2009 Toyota Prius

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This illustration (I think) shows what the next Prius might look like.
A lot of rumors are floating around about this car.
Some of them pretty outlandish.
You tell me:
-90 mpg
-1.8 Liter engine
-Plug in Hybrid
-Solar battery cells incorporated into the roof
-More than one body style
-Larger models with 2.5 or even 3.0 Liter V6

Crazy stuff I tell you.

I just hope it stays a hatchback, doesn’t’ grow too much, gets better mileage, offers a sunroof and gets a smoother quieter gas engine (The one I test drove 2 years ago was disappointingly loud)

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  1. I remember reading somewhere that the old audi A2 got something like 90mpg….maybe I misunderstood, it was like 7 years ago, so I was like 10.

  2. -90 mpg: Heard of this, possible. Hybrids are not selling all that well in europe because you can get a econo diesel approaches the 70 mpg range

    -1.8 Liter engine: Seems around the correct engine size
    -Plug in Hybrid: I could see it some places and not others. The euro prius has a button to switch to electric mode only that the us doesn’t have
    -Solar battery cells incorporated into the roof: If not too expensive, I say it is very likely. Great for marketing that the car is using the sun.
    -More than one body style: Kind of doubt it
    -Larger models with 2.5 or even 3.0 Liter V6: Not a chance

  3. Mr Burlapp:
    I concur with your sentiments on the Prius(minus the “loud” gas engine).
    1) do not make it gigantic!
    2) Keep it a Hatch( that is a great thing…. a lady I know put some 6 ft long by 2 feet tall painting in her car…she teaches art/painting at a local community college… No Problems! Lotta room with the hatch).

    MPG is about 50( see edmunds long term on the 2004 Prius…. avg is over 41+ MPG, so far, combined total….over 48,000 miles/2 years…should rise to 44-45MPG as the mileage increases, it appears).

    No wonder th elocal Toyota dealerships are offering Up To 4,000 cash back, and one only 100 over dealers invoice price, on Priuses….Hmmmmmm…. clearing them out for what? This?
    Let’s hope it does not lose the unique look.

  4. LOL

    This illustration makes the Prius look like a Lamborghini…

    I think they should build it, just to surprise us

  5. fuel efficiency is only part of the equation. This is one dorky looking car. I would rather ride my bike than drive this thing.

  6. The current one was a hit. This definitely looks more interesting. However, I would like to see some more oomph in 0-60 and better driving dynamics before I add it to my shopping list.

  7. anonymouse said…

    “fuel efficiency is only part of the equation. This is one dorky looking car. I would rather ride my bike than drive this thing.”

    Do us all a favor and go ride your bike, kiddo. Leave the adult discussion to the adults.

  8. Ahhhh… Pseudo-environmentalist wannabes of the world unite! Your new ride is here! Go ahead and empty your pockets for that worked-over Tercel, gloating with satisfaction, knowing that the more ridiculous they make it look, the more others will realize what a big friend of the environment you are. Hopefully those onlookers will think of you as a green-minded, peace-lovin’ recycler extraordinaire, and not let your overgrown battery-powered go-kart make them think of the smoke-belching, coal-burning electric plants that will be producing the electricity for that plug-in hybrid of yours, or of where all those incredibly toxic batteries of yours will go once they’ve no longer got the juice it takes to move that electric biohazard on wheels down the road. Maybe we can find some land in *your* neighborhood for a big landfill for all of them. Here’s some advice – start caring more about the environment than your own self-absorbed image… take $13 thousand of the $25K you would’ve spent on the Prius, and go get yourself an option-free Yaris sedan. It won’t provide as much image impact, but you’ll survive knowing that you’re cutting your contributions to both Big Oil, AND Big Coal. You’ll still be getting 34mpg in the city and 40 on the highway (go you!), and be putting out pretty minimal emmissions to boot. And you can take the $12K you’ll have left over and donate it your favorite, honorable environmental cause. Think of the greater impact that would have if you and all your weekend environmentalist buddies went that route! And when you start getting all torqued up by the good feelings you’re getting from *actually* helping the environment, instead of just pretending to, then **you** can take your own advice, sell the Yaris, give the entire $25K to charity, and start riding **your** own bike. In the meantime, get over yourself and your overpriced, overrated car.

  9. Is it just me, or is this car from toyota , the kings of the recall, an exact copy, although shrunken, a version of the last chrysler intrepid. Cabin Forward at toyota? Didn’t the last primus or prius, stop dead at highway speeds? good luck with the new one. many new york auto analysts have pegged this year as toyotas peak year and figure that the following will be dramatic drops due to recalls and poor quality. any thoughts?

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