Accord Coupe “concept”

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This “Concept” is pretty much what we’ll get as the next Accord coupe, in the US.
A less sporty approach than the Altima coupe. But maybe a more refined one.

The front end on the coupe is usually similar to the sedan’s, so this might give us a hint.

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  1. the front reminds me of the new honda stream. i just wish it had an engine to give us an indication.

  2. LOVE IT…Even thought I HATE Honda’s styling of late. Will prob be my next car if it stays like this.

  3. I saw this the first time when it was called the Scion TC…and before that when it was the Volvo S40. Probably made the front stubby to protect pedestrians who are dumb enough to run out in front of traffic.

  4. I like it, but I don’t like the hard edge of front grill. Reminds me of the Caliber (Dodge) Grill. It’s not what I Expected.

  5. Honda forgot to put the crosshairs on their Accords grill. The squared off nose looks like it was lifted off of a Dodge Caliber. Hell, the grills are the same shape. Other than that it’s pretty much what I expected – a rather ordinary design that breaks no new ground, especially for Honda. The Altima coupe is way better looking. The production version will be even more ordinary.


  6. I like this much better than the shots we’ve seen of the Altima coupe. This is aggressive and modern, while the Altima is that same old tired Nissan design language that we’ve been seeing for seven years. I hope this is an indication that the next Accord sedan will be a lot less frumpy. This is a huge improvement over the staid and awkward styling of hondas current lineup. Good job Honda.

  7. I thought I would be more impressed… The front looks like it came off a scion.

    I would have liked something closer to their hydrogen concept.

    I have to see it in person.

  8. Looks decent, but not the typical new & fresh styling we’ve come to expect from Honda. Reminds me more of a current-day Korean car: design elements of other cars cobbled together. IMO, it looks like part Crossfire, part Tiberon, and a dash of Nissan Skyline…all combined.

  9. Apparently NOT a hatchback. So again, a wasted back seat with no head room for occasinal passengers and no access other than a small pass-thru. The RSX (soon to be defunct) and the TC at least have functionality.
    Just frickin’ brilliant!

  10. What happened? Did Honda fire their Pokemon designers? This Accord actually looks like an adult designed it.

  11. Very nice indeed. What’s with Honda changing their grill every year? Why can’t they have a consistent one for Acura and another one for Honda? If Honda products look like this one, then Acura is is trouble, unless they make their cars a lot sexier.

  12. looks amazing, sort of like an 08 TT from C pillar back. I hope 80% survives into the production model, i would actually consider it

  13. Like Vince said, this is the prod version, minus the funky exhaust job and tail lights.
    Looks like Honda stole the looks of the Tib and tC with some Caliberesque cues and made it their own.
    Smart in the sense that people like those cars and want a larger version.
    Shameful, cause Honda should be able to do better.
    All the folks who think the Altima coupe looks better…keep dreaming. You are free to borrow my glasses anytime to re-evaluate your opinion.

    BTW: It does look a crap load better in person, sans those stupid rims.

  14. From the front reminds me the current Volvo S40 and the GTR concept a few years ago. The back, well, it is orignal enough but I don’t think it is good enough. From the side, it reminds me the Hyundai Tiburon.

  15. Nice copy of the Volvo S40! Honda really has gone to the dogs on this one! Is this based on the new Jaguar platform as well? What ever happened to originality?

  16. I have been waiting on this release to replace my current 1994 Honda Accord. I don’t know what is happening with Honda designs, but this car could have been designed much better. Like most noted, the front end looks like a Scion and the back end looks too heavy. The side fender flares are finished like the Nissan Altima (too squared). In my opinion, don’t like it. The concept design pictures around the web were much better.

  17. Nice looking, but I think coupes are stupid because they’re as big as 4 door models on the same chassis, so no easier to park.

    A coupe’s back seat is suitable only for small children or dogs and the extra-long doors make entering and leaving the car a chore in tight spaces.

    Coupes suck and their racy styles aren’t worth the inconvenience. The Accord 4 door will be a smarter car–likely the best in its class because Honda builds great cars.

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