Acura “Advance Sedan Concept” video

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  • HERE
  • and watch the scariest car from the Los Angeles Auto show.

    It’s just like being there with me.
    You’ll not only see the “car”, but you will hear the actual audience reaction!

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    1. Wow. Where do they get their designers… From the Juvy Detention Center School of Design?
      The person that designed this probably killed his parents… Probably ate them too.

    2. Happy New Year Vince!

      This video is great!

      I laughed out loud during your video for
      the very scary Draculamobile lookin’
      “Acura Advance Concept”.

      I don’t know what Honda was going for
      with this one!

      Thanks for my first good laugh of 2007

      Lawrence in SF

    3. That really is a disgustingly ugly car. I wonder what Acura’s designers are smoking these days with this and the new MDX. Hopefully they cant be serious with this one.

    4. Makes you wonder what Honda has in store with their upcoming Accord Concept Coupe. If it’s half as ugly as this mess, it’ll still be ugly.

      There’s ugly, than there’s Honda ugly.

    5. i just went over to acura’s site where you can do a survey on it and let them know how bad it truly looks. if you don’t want to answer a question, just click next and it won’t make you answer it.

    6. “Some people with taste actually showed up.”

      Don’t you mean some people with taste actually threw up?

    7. I used to like Acuras because they were nice looking in comparison to most Hondas. Now the only Honda/Acuras I find appealing are the TL and the soon-to-be-discontinued S2000.

    8. Indeed scarier than most horror movies I’ve watched lately! I had forgotten how ugly that car was, but at least it’s not on the road like toyota’s Echo.

      BTW Happy New Year Vince and Thnx 4 your site.

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