All new Mercedes C class

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In much, much better official shots.

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  1. Daddy likey, and so long to the planters peanuts headlamps ! (yikes) this is a sweet baby S class and most people will never know you paid thousands less !

  2. One of the best looking cars ever.
    That’s it. Elegant, yet sport and aggressive.

    Now Lexus IS is in second place and 3Series third.

  3. Wow, what to say? Thanks so much Mercedes for giving us a big snoozer. That stubby front, the droopy butt, the less than impressive dash. Interesting that the new Hyundai Elantra has a better dash design. No thank you. In this class, Infiniti is the one doing it right. Waiter, a new G35, please.

  4. Exterior lines look ‘tight’ but overall design is dated already. Interior style is overwrought. Mercedes played the ultra-conservative card here.

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