All new Skoda Fabia

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I guess this is the one based on the VW Polo…
This could be a nice “under Rabbit” VW in the US.
Or maybe, we could bet the whole Skoda line as a sort of Scion competitor. (It comes with a very Scion like 1.6 Liter with 105hp)
Cheaper than VW.

Or maybe, the Us market isn’t such a priority to VW anymore…

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  1. Supposedly the Scion line up( next xB and xA replacements) are going to grow some, and have larger engines…..
    Seems these 13 feet-14 feet long vehicles are fashionable, just too bad the people in my area still think it is 1990-something, and 12 ton vehicles are still” cool”.
    Makes it difficult( with these lousy drivers in Ohio, on 2 lane roads, road raging in these behemoths), to feel safe driving anything smaller than a tC!
    It looks good, this Skoda!
    VW? I dunno about them any more.

  2. In the US, states pass laws to ban moving car cell phone use by drivers.

    In Europe, they provide you with a clip to hold the phone (if that’s a cell phone in the interior shot).

  3. Ive always loved the front ends on Skoda’s, this car reminds me alot of the Suzuki swift, id love to have either car, but this seems alot more upmarket than the Swift, and if priced right it would sell like hotcakes here in the states, but your right VW doesnt care about the USA .

  4. normally wouldnt try and correct you vince, so take it to offense. but skoda wouldnt be a scion competitor it isnt a youthful brand not really sure its purpose all together as it just seems to produce vw’s with new grills. the brand that could compete with scion would SEAT its more youth oriented, sportier than vw. look at skoda’s lineup, compared with vw, and SEAT it seems even more traditional than vw

  5. The front and side look really nice on this car. The back is quite ugly and the interior is typical VW, bland and without style. I drove a Skoda Octavia a while back. It the exact same as a VW Passat but with a different exterior. So I guess this is a version of the european Golf (Rabbit here). -G

  6. I would rock that Skoda with a TDI in a heart beat if they brought it to the US. SEAT looks too weird to for me, VW has too much snob factor. The old Fabia was kind of plain but this one is just right.

  7. The woman in those pics must be 5′ tall because the Fabia is a very small car. I still like the design.

  8. VW of America must have a powerful hold on the market. Europe gets VWs, Skodas and Seats, while we just get VW. I could see the Spanish flair in a Seat being marketed to the growing US hispanic population. And make all the Skodas that come here AWD and you would go head to head with Subies and small Volvos.

  9. LOL at anon 5:02

    I didn’t even notice, that little car looks like an SUV next to her. Maybe Europeans are just smaller lol, they dont have all that open space to fill up like Americans

  10. The Fabia is actually Skoda’s equivalent of VW’s Polo and Seat’s Ibiza superminis. All three will use an updated version of the current trio’s platform, again making its debut under the Skoda, just like the original back in 1999/2000.

    Also, the Octavia is Skoda’s derivative of the Golf/Rabbit. The equivalent to Passat in the Skoda line up is the absolutely barge like Superb – a very, very popular car in the UK as a taxi due to it’s combination of large size, powerful diesel engines and a relatively low list price, not to mention it being all but identical to the far more expensive Passat.

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