All new Subaru Impreza

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I’m not sure if this is real, but it looks pretty good.

The Impreza will be produced as a hatchback as well as a sedan. And yes, we might just get the sedan in the US.
Not sure if this is the final thing, but I wish they did something a bit more original.
I see Subaru as a Japanese Citroen, or Saab. They should not only be different, but also look different.

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  1. Looks like a grown up Mazda Protege 5, with a last gen Camry nose. Doesn’t look right with that hood scoop does it? I hope Subaru comes up with something more original.

  2. That front end is 100% photoshopped Mazda 3s. Looks like someone took a picture of the 3s Hatchback (pre ’07 updated fascia) and morphed the grill around a bit and played with the lines.

    As soon as I saw it, I thought Mazda 3.

  3. Horrible. This thing already looks old. What’s with the Camry front? The rest looks like an early Chrysler/Dodge sketch.

  4. It reminds me of a Mazda Protege as well…overall stance and basic shape.

    I hope it doesn’t look like that, it already looks dated.

  5. By the looks of this picture it would appear that Subaru is following the current trend in redesigns of wagons and crossovers by reducing the size of the cargo area to a completely useless volume! Why bother getting anything without a trunk nowadays?

  6. Subaru APES…
    Yeah, I’m in agreement with what the first post stated about this so-called “new” Impreza.

    It is apparent that the Japanese are starting to follow the design lead of their Korean competition.

    Perhaps KIA and Hyundai recognized the trend to integrate successful design elements long before their Japanese counterparts.

    So much for saying that the Koreans were only aping designs.


  7. they need something more badass looking… something that really kicks you in the crouch when you look at it.

  8. I agree with Vince…It looks good but not very original. What happened to Subies new corporate front end? Don’t get me wrong…I did’nt like it bbut it was a relatively new design…what happened to it?

  9. You guys need to look at the spy shot that came out last september… I know it’s not what we expected but it looks just like the test mule in the spy photos… front facia, mud flaps, grlle, wheels… pretty much a match… good bad or indifferent, it isn’t a mazda.

    -Jon H

  10. I thought I read somewhere that Subaru was changing their Grill design, but I hope this isn’t the best they could come up with. The rest of the body looks good. I always like how Subura makes the Impreza Wagon, just the right amount of style and utility.

  11. Who put the front of a 2008 Chrysler Sebring onto the front of my Subaru Impreza?

    I really hope this is not a photo of the real deal.

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