And now for the Dodge version.

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  1. How did Dodge/Chrysler interiors become so crappy and cheap. I had a neon ages ago and it wasn’t that bad… Now 8 years later the quality has just gone down the crapper. And these look no better.

  2. Cheap cheap cheap. You can seriousy injure somebody with such hard plastics… My coffee maker has a better finish.

  3. Are we going back in time? What’s with the square air vents? It looks like someting from the late 80’s.

  4. Overall, the two DCX vans are *atrocious* redesigns. However, I do like the Caravan’s squared off headlights, reminding me of the upcoming Magnum’s squared off front end. The chrome grill, though, is a total horror.

    Have a good weekend, Vince, and happy new year too!

  5. I expected so much more – its clean, but its not “new.” I think the design doesn’t go far enough to stay fresh for a couple of years. Chrysler is now producing “safe” designs to the same degree that Ford was in the past. These will sell initially to those loyal to the brand – however, in the long run the next best thing will easily compete against them.

  6. With such a vital vehicle, why wouldn’t Chrysler listen to all the disappointing feedback they’ve received on the Sebring, the Compass, the Patriot, the Caliber and the Nitro. No one has missed the opportunity to comment on how craptastic the interiors of these vehicles are. I seriously feel that Chrysler interiors are about the same level of refinement as they were in the 80s.

  7. It looks better than the current model that is on the market it will take time for to get used to the design, im sick of people bagging this vehicle.

  8. Welcome to Pukeland, population: the big three.

    Why are GM/Ford/DMC convinced that Americans want trashy cars with bad interiors? Especially when they are competing Toyota and Honda who have cars and vans that look modern, nice and classy. I thought that eventually Mercedes would have some influence over design and make Chrysler boring but beautifully refined (think VW interiors). Instead they are boring and ugly. Stop the insanity!

  9. I love the way that Chrysler believes in de-evolution. Moving backwards is so cool to the Pat Robertson crowd!

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