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  1. This still looks like the old Acura CL from the back end. You would have thought that Honda would have tried to do something more BOLD with the styling of this coupe like they did for the new CR-V. I doubt there will any waiting lists at any Honda dealer in North America for this D.O.A. design.

  2. Looks like an Acura CL ??? When people make comments like that you wonder about all the other comments they make, I bet you say it also looks like the Celica because it has 2 doors. People who know nothing about cars should not be posting comments. I bet there WILL be a waiting list for this coupe.

  3. I really like the look of the car. I’ve read the “it looks like a mish mash of other car” complaints, but, the car really seems to be more of a blurring between the Acura and Honda design lines.

    The new Civic coupe looked like a cross between an RSX and a TSX. I also noticed that from certain angles the Civic Sedan has a TL-ish door line to it.

    Looking at the Hyundai Tiburon(?) that the Accord coupe is being compared to, I just don’t see as huge of a “rip-off” that some people are talking about.

    I was looking at the side profile shots of the Hyundai and the Honda and still didn’t see anything big. The only thing I would tinker with is the front end. Maybe round it down like the seventh-gen Civic sedan’s or TSX’s hood.

    The back of the car looks okay, but they need to do something with those tail-lights.

    Was the coupe designed in the US or JPN? Does anyone know where the Accord sedan is being designed? Is the coupe based off of the sedan or is the sedan being based off of the coupe?

    Whatever happens, I really like the look of theis concept. I was shocked that the Altima coupe didn’t look as good as Nissan’s other goodies. Skyline, 350Z, and the G35 are cool, but the Altima just doesn’t have that magic look that those three have.

  4. The title of the thread should be “Another picture of the Accord concept” since there’s yet to be a good picture.

  5. i like the coupe more now than i used to but that crease along the side disrupts the curves and sculpting of the side. it makes it look busy when it should be clean and sleek.

    all red jewel-like taillights, please. the ones on the concept look way too busy.

    there are a lot of fussy details that mar a clean, flowing design. hopefully they’ll be changed for the production model.

    i can’t wait to see the interior. i really like the current accord’s design. hopefully no two-tiered, uber-busy interior like the civic (the euro civic is even more buttton crazy).

  6. I really like the back end of this car. The line that runs from the side of the back bumper in an L shape to the edge of the trunk is something that i havn’t seen on a car yet. I dislike the front end of the car though. I don’t think it’s aggressive enough. It reminds me of an updated version of the 98-02 honda accords. Overall, I think this will be a nice car when it hits production, equally competing with or outdoing the styling, performance and fit and finish of the competition.

  7. Dissappointing in person, this car looks like it was designed for the first half of the decade. Really nothing new or interesting. And showing it in silver doesn’t help.

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