Audi Q7 V12 diesel!

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Yes, that’s right.
500hp from a V12 diesel engine.

And it might be heading for production as soon as 2008.
They are already talking about 120 000 Euros in Europe.

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  1. VW’s V10 diesel is ridiculously heavy and by some accounts ruins the Toareg; if this V12 is even heavier then I hope it remains a concept.

  2. Take that Porsche, and future bentley and lambo “CUV” or SUV or what ever they are calling that. AUDI DOMINATES AND ALWAYS WILL

  3. Yawn, another audi that looks like every other audi on the road. As the site host once said, “why do they keep designing the same car over and over again?”

  4. I think this car is VERY ugly, at least the exterior, the interior is awesome..

    Oh and its an impressive power for a Diesel engine, but i’d still take gas engines over it..

  5. just what the world needs right now…

    and from the look of the grill I’ld think it runs/feeds on plankton

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