BMW 1 serie 3 door

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I guess we’re still getting the upcoming sedan/coupe/convertible…

Some day.. Maybe… Possibly…

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  1. i really like the 1-series 4-door hatch (it’s the only one of the 1-series I’ve seen but i liked that 1-series convertible concept from a few years ago). it’s my favorite bmw in terms of design and the only one i think that bangle’s design really works on. i’d choose this over an a3 anyday!

  2. BMW should bring the hatchback version straight from Europe. A coupe or sedan would be nice later but if it means we have to wait more…

  3. I wish BMW would bring it here…My Mazda3 5door will need replacing in a few years…just about the time I could afford a used one of these!

    I know BMW might be worried it will bring it ‘down market’, but I think there’s a market for upscale autos in EVERY niche…whether it’s sedans, SUV’s, or small hatches.

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