BMW 1 series

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Just another picture of the 3 door version of the regular 1 series.

We won’t get it…

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  1. If I wanted a bland Corolla, I’d buy a Corolla. If I want a nice Corolla, I’d buy a Jetta. If I want a fast Corolla, I’d buy a GLI, WRX or EVO. If I want an ugly overpriced Corolla with a hatch, I’d buy a BMW 1 Series. Why does BMW want to go here?

  2. I’d love to see that car in the US, but I can think of 2 reasons why it won’t make the boatride here: competing with their own Mini, and the fact that the 318ti hatch of the 90’s did so poorly here. Otherwise, this is a natural competitor for the VW GTI and Volvo C30.

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