BMW 1 series

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Here are a few more pictures of the 3 door version.
The coupe and convertible will be based on this one.
These are the ones we’re supposed to get.
BMW doesn’t think there is a market in the US for this on top of their Mini Cooper.

I guess here this would go directly against the new Volvo C30…

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  1. The most troubling thing, how ever, is not about the price. Even though BMW 1 series is a hatch, it is still a 3000+ lb car, with just 140hp for 120i, which meant its own Mini Cooper S (2500 lb/ 170hp) will be faster, cheaper, and more stylish.

  2. There is a 265HP 130i… and BMW will be dropping the 335i twin turbo straight 6 into the 1er…. but why did they take 2 years to remove 2 doors off the 5dr 1er??

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