C class. What could have been

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Official sketches from Mercedes.

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  1. the top one just looks like an overstyled version of the actual car, so that one is probably accurate, the bottom one may still come out, i know at one time they were talking about doing a cle based off of the c, like the cls is based on the e class, so never know we might still get it

  2. How difficult would it have been to put the top pictures backend on the C-Class… Who signs off on the production designs anyway.

  3. the top one seemed pretty plausible as a production model – like 11:37 said, why’d they water it down?

    the lower pic look like an aston martin / xk…

  4. looks like the guys who design the car never communicated with the people who actually made the car, it was probably like heres the sketch try to make it look like that thank you good bye, hey at least now BMW and Lexus won’t have much to worry about.

  5. I think there is a global conspiracy to make ugly cars in order to save GM and Ford. There is also a Dumocrat under your bed… You might want to check….. And for God sake wear your tin hats people.

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