Chevrolet Camaro Convertible concept

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Not too crazy about the color.
Otherwise, sign me up!

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  1. Okay, I’m in love with this. Does this mean that my inner WT is coming out? This thing is brutishly alluring. It’s safe to assume there will be no hybrid? LOL

  2. Nice… Finally after 30 years GM builds cars that people might want to drive… Geeez… Dumb MBA hacks are finally out of the frickin way.

  3. I wish it didn’t have such awkward and ugly front end and back end designs. Otherwise, the Coke bottle shape is very nice. Love the interior!

  4. That car has to have a soul, it is just too beautiful. Finally a drive that doesn’t look like a pregnant rollerskate, I’ll take one in black and silver, but with a hard top.

  5. wheres the rollover protection? i know this is a car youre supposed to not care about safety in, but as a cop, i would be the first to tell you it makes a difference

  6. The backseats look kinda cramped but they seem to be fairly deep, and the front seats look like they r puhsed all the way back, if u moved them to a normal driving position u might be able to fit ppl back there.

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