Chevrolet Volt concept

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Not sure about all the specs yet.
But it seems this could run at least 40 miles on the electric motor before switching to the gas engine.
If you can also plug it in, it could be an amazing breakthrough in hybrid technology.

But Toyota isn’t far behind. The all new 2009 Prius might have similar technology, in a production car.

Anyway, it seems to be an exiting time to work as a designer at GM…

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  1. Hurry-Up GM. Produce that technology right now!

    I’d like to see a malibu super-hybrid that would beat the shit out of toyota’s prius.

  2. i really like the profile and rear of the car. the front isn’t bad but it’s definitely the weakest part of the design. it looks like “acura tsx as interpreted by chevy”

  3. On ABC nightly news(EST) 655pm, they showed cars @ the Det show, and mentioned the Volt… and said that while GM says this car might be out in 10 years(If they build it), show goers can walk across (to Toyota) and see hybrids ready-to-buy right now!

    GM= GREED(Y) MOTORS: Toyota , I heard, loses $$$(or did, at one time) on each Hybrid Prius. But, the publicity alone is worth 10 times more than their loses( well, since they make 10+ Billion dollars profit per year… at Toyota).

    No wonder Americans are buying more Asian brands than ever before!


    GM is hoping gas prices fall to 75 cents per gallon again, so they can make 15K per over sized SUV.
    Yet, looking forward, LOL, my eye!

  4. 10 years? More like three years. You probably heard 2010 but hate GM so much anyway that it didn’t register correctly. The tech is already going to be available in the upcoming Saturn VUE which will be a plug-in hybrid. Though this car is based on the next generation Delta platform (which is currently still under development)
    Nice try loser. Go drink your poison Toyota kool-aid somewhere else.

  5. I would have thought that GM would have had a better grasp of the hybrid market since they did have the EV1 which was in the mid 90s. If companies like Tesla can produce a car with the batteries on the market then if a car from a large manufacture mass produced a car they should be able to drop the price and create a good vehicle. GM just seems to be a company that catches up but never leads. They can prove me wrong but I don’t think it will happen

  6. Remember the Precept? How about the Hy-wire? Is this any more real?From the Detroit Free-Press:”That promise is all contingent on GM and its suppliers developing batteries that are light, powerful and flexible enough to power the car. That’s a bit like saying the car will fly as soon as somebody gives it wings, but GM engineers say they are optimistic the batteries will exist when they’re ready to build the Volt.”

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