Chrysler Nassau Concept

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A nice looking car.

Wich makes it an even more cruel tease when you compare it with what they come up with their current production designs…

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  1. That’s why I hate concept teases–in this case the “Nassaw” name will be the only thing that survives and the actual car will be little more than a clunky thud like the Sebring.

    Oh, well……

  2. Sorry, Vince, imho it would be cruel-er if it wasn’t a tease and they built that thing. More & more it looks like the first 3 LX’s = a fluke. It’s so bad, I’m gonna hafta stop reading anything about DCX.

  3. Well the 300 was pretty true to the original concept. And this may be billed as a replacement to the 300.

    The one amazing thing about this concept is that it has something called “style” that many of the other offerings at NAIS missed out on.

  4. while the rear hatch shape is a bit clunky/overstyled, the front end is a good-looking, clean design. it doesn’t seem hard to translate it 99% to a production model (maybe without the sleepy-prostitute chrome eyelids on the headlights). maybe it’s the sebring face lift in 2-3 years?

  5. This Design would have been good on the Sebring( how do they sell so many, Fleet Rentals? The one I test drove 3 months ago is still on the lot at my local dealership, and they only have one, thisone, since october).
    The showed the Airflight concept, and we got SebringThe 300 is sharp, but it seems DCX like to give us “old looking” or “Aztek Revisited” sedans for 20K or less!?

  6. Gorgeous! I hope it makes it into production. It would be another hit for Chrysler. I am sure a sedan and a coupe will follow.

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