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Not really sure what to think of this yet.

It just looks like a squared off version of the current Minivans.
Noting breathtaking.
I guess that’s not what this market wants.

Maybe the interior is amazing…

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  1. Why did they use the Sebring’s ugly front end when the 300’s front end would have made more of a statement?

    Otherwise, especially from the side, the design looks like the Chevy Uplander, and that is not a compliment.

  2. All minivans look like squared off versions of every other minivan, and ChryCos new minivans look pretty nice (though I wouldn’t buy any minivan). Since they’re more about utility than anything else, the real issue is what kind of nifty new toys these new minivans will feature.

  3. What a joke. Looks like they spend $10 on R&D for ‘next’ generation Minivan. Oh well, they are better off leaving up to Honda, Toyota and Hyundai/Kia anywyas as they build better vans.

  4. Hmmm they remind me of GM’s Uplander and Kia Sedona put together. NOT really appealing. I see more sales for Odyssey, Sienna and Sedona.

    Supposeably, there is some great features in this new edition.

  5. I really don’t know what to say. This vehicle is crucial to Chrysler, but this resembles the failed GM minivans. Is Chrysler giving up? This design looks old, unsophisticated and generic. We can be certain that the interior will not be amazing. This is a Chrysler after all. There is no chance that this will trump Honda

  6. There are no good looking minivans. They are functional, so that will be the standard by which this will be judged.

  7. At first glance I thought “why are they showing the current GM Minivans under this heading…”!?

    Wow, I knew they were going more square but expected bolder styling features. I can only surmise that, a) the square design must equate enormous interior capacity, no doubt best in class, and b) the van-buying public isn’t at all interested in an “in your face” 300 look but rather a sensible, practical appliance.
    I bet as well Vince, that the interior is probably “wowsers” and that the engineers have finessed the “Stow-and-Go” feature for both more comfortable seats and a quieter interior. As the minivan market wanes and progresses into crossovers, Chrysler has made a huge investment in this “pure” minivan so I’m expecting they’ll push it hard and have probably done their homework to make it an equal, if not superior contender to the Odyssey and Entourage/Sedona twins.

  8. No, it breaks no new ground, but considering a minivan’s purpose, they just need to be pleasant looking, not an 8-passenger Ferrari. The new Chrysler fits the bill just fine. Let a breadbox be a breadbox and a minivan be a minivan. Wait, that’s redundant, isn’t it? 😉

  9. BORING! Didn’t Chrysler take a look at the Sienna or Odyssey when designing these new vans? They look like the tragic spawn of the current Chrysler minivans and a Ford Freestar/Mercury Monterey.

  10. Holy crap! That’s right, crap. This WILL NOT sell! One would think Chrysler would do something amazing, giving how much better the Odyssey and Sienna have gotten, and even the Sedona is pretty good.
    I guess I should have known that they will do anything to make the Aspen look good…cause the Chrysler version looks so crappy, it makes the Aspen look nice.

  11. looks like Chrysler has LOST it

    i bet the interior is as lame as all the other new chryslers…meh

  12. Chrysler most likely did take a look at the Sienna or Odyssey when designing these new vans. And guess what they saw?

    MINIVANS! Bland boxes on wheels that emphasize function over form. That’s what minivans do. Exactly how are the Sienna, Odyssey, or any other minivan more exciting design-wise? They’re not. If ChryCos new minivans trump the competition in utility, they’ll do very well and may well become the new standard.

    If anyone needs a “sexier” vehicle to make them feel better, don’t get married, don’t have kids, and buy a freakin’ Ferrari.

  13. I never thought I’d see the day when GM would be designing beautiful cars and Chrysler designing garbage. Well, that day has come. What happened? Its like the design DNA got switched between GM and DCX.

    Chrysler is on a major loosing streak. Loosing even more of the minivan market will be devestating. They need a new design direction, fast.

  14. This design is supposed to last Chrysler 6 years on the market??

    Ugh. As a big fan of the Mopar vans, I must say I’m hugely disappointed. This actually looks older in some ways than the current model range. I don’t know what’s happened in Chrylser design, but this is just dull, dull, dull.

    And please, PLEASE retire the Crossfire front end motif! The Crossfire didn’t sell with it, the Pacifica didn’t sell with it, and it looks terrible on the soon-to-not-sell-well Sebring. Time to retire it and go with a new theme.

    And regarding the interior, what are the odds it *won’t* have the current Chrysler tupperware quality plastics?

  15. Give me a break! How many people buy minivan because they are lured by how it looks? They buy minivan because they need to, so all they care are big interior space, cheap to run, safe for their children and reliable enough to run for 10+ years. However, i don’t know why it was such a shame to drive a mommy mobile, i just think it was a badge for a working manhood and a heart that care about your family.

  16. I like it.. Nice design.

    Look at the new Sebring… Everybody on the boards screams UGLY!!!
    Guess what last month sales of Sebring up by 120%, DCX sold as many Sebrings as Ford sold Fusions

  17. At least this van will steal sales away from the Toyota Sienna. The Sienna is so ugly, underpowered and expensive.

    But thats about it. The Honda and Kia will stay strong with sales.

  18. Regardless, the drivetrain still sucks after all these years. When is DCX going to replace their dinosaur V6 engines and bogus transmissions.

  19. “Guess what last month sales of Sebring up by 120%, DCX sold as many Sebrings as Ford sold Fusions”

    I love it when people say that the new car X sold more than the old car X! Well, duh! Of course the new one is going to likely sell more… typically, the sales of the old vehicles completely tank because people await the launch of the updated one! The only Sebrings I’ve seen so far have been as rentals lined up in front of Avis.

    These new vans are just awful. I agree that the signature front end is trashy looking and hasn’t seemed to be very successful on any car. And most MILFs (the mommies that don’t wear elastic jean-shorts) do want a sporty stylish and practical vehicle. These people flock to their Odyssey’s, LR2’s, Cherokees and Crosscountry’s. Chrysler minivans haven’t been competitive for a long while and don’t appear that they will be in the near future. It’s depressing how quickly Chrysler has sunk.

  20. I like it.

    Look at Nissan’s attempt at doing something different and daring-doesn’t sell well at all.

    Chrysler knows what it is doing with the minivan. Improve on what they are doing right. Hopefully they did! For instance…drop a DOHC engine in that puppy, and now we’re talking.

    With Ford and GM canceling their minivans, that almost guarantees more sales for Chrysler anyway. It’s too bad, I was just telling my wife tonite how much I like our Freestar and how good of a vehicle it has been for 60,000 thus far. (knock on wood, PTL!)

    If you want super styling statements, don’t look at a minivan! Heck…don’t bother looking at most cross-over SUV’s too. Or even many family sedans.

  21. Why is everyone talking about minivans are not supposed to be good looking? Give me a break! Get your heads out of your non minivan driving arses and think for one second.
    I am a car guy that needs practicality and all the other wonderful things minivans are great for. I am not just goiing to buy a POS that company X put little or no time into designing…I am going to look for the best looking/driving/etc minivan I can find. Nothing, except the Sienna can hold a candle, (and a dull one at that) to the current HONDA ODYSSEY. Yes it has some flaws, but it is gorgeous! From its wide stance to the 255hp spank most SUVs engine, to the great lines and beautiful cockpit.
    I enjoy my 2005 Oddy and can say that Honda got it right. So right that it forced Ford and GM right out of the minivan game! (Although the last Freestar looked nice as Pastor Shannon noted). And it will do the same for this joke of a van DCX just put out.
    Imagine what the next Oddy will be like, due out in 3 years.
    Don’t talk smack about minivans if you haven’t REALLY thought about ACTUALLY owning one!!! Sheesh!!!

  22. Well Vince, it had to happen sooner or later! What we are witnessing here is the end of an era! Chrysler made the mini van famous back in the eighties and reigned supreme as the king for all these years! The new design is so close to the GM vans that no one will take a second look! This will probably help the meld of mini van and crossover even further along to eliminate the mini van altogether as we know it in the very near future! Goodbye old friend!

  23. Andrew is right. Of course we don’t expect minivans to break any new ground styling-wise, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look elegant, refined, and like someone sweated the styling details. None of that looks to be the case here, unfortunately.

    As a fan of and previous owner of the Chrysler vans, I was hoping the next generation would rise to the challenge of the levels of refinement of its competitors inside and out and take the next leap upward, but I guess the “out” part of that statement is moot now… I’m tired of US car companies settling for “good enough”!

    Especially irritating here is that DC promised when MB took over that “badge engineering” was over, and that the next generation Dodge and Chrylser minivans would look nothing alike. Guess that’s out the window too…

  24. I guess only the Japanese can build boxy vehicles (like the xB, Cube and Element, which are all far uglier than any minivan) and not get trashed for it. As usual, the hypocrites bias is showing.

  25. If Mazda can made a decent looking minivan with the Mazda5 and new MPV, why can’t DCX get it right? They introduced the people carrier to America after all…

  26. Hey 5:56am, your sarcasm is as welcomed as your pansy arse not ball-z enough to leave your name.

    The Oddy is the best looking minivan available in the US, and this was true for the last gen body as well. So as far as minivans are concerned, the Oddy is gorgeous. Also about the only one enthusisat would mod and feel rpoud of…just check at how many current body Oddys are touted.

  27. Hey Vince, Why are all Honda owners so UPTIGHT about their PRECIOUS vehicles??? You see it all over the place for every model they sell on every blog out there! Honda owners take heed and LIGHTEN UP!!!

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