Dodge Solstice fighter?

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From England we get yet another rumor.
dodge would be ready to show as soon as march a small RWD 2 seater to compete with the Sky/Solstice/Miata.
The design is said to be close to the 2002 Razor concept pictures here (the convertible is a Schulte illustration)

I don’t know.. Wouldn’t we have seen some prototypes of this by now???
An all new RWD platform?


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  1. The reason we havent seen any prototypes is there only gonna show a concept car in geneva not a production model ! (pipe dreams)

  2. This is great and all, but I think Dodge should come out with a car I would actually buy. Oh but wait, the Challenger has been given the green light 😀

  3. Those pics are of the Sling Shot Concept and Razor Concept. If they come out, they will be changed a lot, as these were concepts from 1998 and 2000.

  4. wasnt this car, and the crossfire on the same platform as concepts?, i know im the only person, but i think that it would be cool to see a car like the prowler come back, but without the wimpy v6, the hemi v8’s instead

  5. Someone seriously needs to take a beating stick to Chrysler designers. What the F? All their designs look like they were conceived in the back of a clown mobile.

    Seriously, if they didn’t have the Viper I wouldn’t even read their posts.

  6. Not the prettiest Schulte design but Hey he’s starting with a ‘chryodge’ vehicle… Actually I wish DCX would hire both Schulte and Huckfeldt – their designs are usually better than most mfgs’.

  7. just build it! shove the SRT4 motor in it and price it around $20k and they will sell millions boieeeeeeee……..

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